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Intel Corporation is a multinational American company and technology that engages in the design, development, manufacturing and sale of computing and communication components such as chipsets, motherboard and wireless network connectivity products. The market capitalization for Intel is worth $149.3 billion in 2016 with revenue of $56.25 billion as of May 2016.

History of Intel

Intel was co-founded by Robert Norton Noyce and Gordon Earle Moore on July 1986. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, California USA. The company operates and develops advanced digital technology products, primarily integrated circuits, for that specializes in communication and business. Intel is leading suppliers of processors for computer system manufactured such as HP, Apple, Dell, and Lenovo. Intel electronic delivery is a top match produce of network cards, motherboard chipset, ICs, flash memory, graphic chips, personal computers, embedded processors and a variety of other gadgets linked with technology and communication.

Robert Norton Noyce and Gordon Earle Moore were engineers working for the Fairchild Semiconductor Company who decided to quit due to the unfavorable condition of their jobs. They created their company at a time when many Fairchild employees were leaving to create start-ups. Noyce and Moore were nicknamed the "Fairchildren".

A particular hotel Company already had the name "Moore Noyce," so the Noyce and Moore decided to eventually change the name "Intel" for their new enterprise, a shortened version of "Integrated Electronics." However, the rights had been transferred from Intelco to their new Company Intel.

Intel motherboards have dependably been at the cutting edge of front line innovation, not that surprising true considering they are one of the world's biggest makers of CPU's also different advancements at the heart of many PCs or Servers. Surely understood for their strong execution and steadfastness has implied that for a long time Intel motherboards have had a lot of devotion and support from certain market bunches with some that will purchase only an Intel motherboard.

Advertising and Interesting facts

The advertising budget for Intel is valued at $110 million in 2014, according to Kantar Media. Intel major competitors are IBM, Nvidia, AMD, Hewlett – Packard. In a bid to stay relevant in the market, Intel engages in promotional campaign TV commercial, billboards, magazines. Through advertising and marketing, Intel transformed into a brand known to millions of people around the world and otherwise technology-illiterate consumers.

The original corporate logo for Intel comprises of a swoosh surrounding the company’s name and also a “Leap Ahead” slogan. The Intel logo exemplifies excellence.

The slogan for Intel has undergone numerous changes, but the official slogan for Intel “Look inside” it has a profound meaning that is emotional rather than physical.

Intel has not relented in sponsorship and partnership with other brands. Intel partners with, sports (NBA all-stars), music and entertainment (Grammy Awards) to illustrate how its “inside” tech create an amazing experience for consumers.

Intel was a recipient of “Internet Advertising Bureau’s Awards” for marketing of the year awards.