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Today LEGO is known to be one of the world’s most famous toy brands.

In 2013 LEGO became the world's number two toymaker. In 2016 it reported highest revenue in 85 years - approximately $5.38 billion. Nowadays Lego represents not only a toy, but the way of life as well.

History of LEGO

The history of LEGO Group begun back in 1932, when it was established by a Kirk Kristiansen in Denmark. It is a family business which now is owned by a grandson of the founder. It has gone through a long path of challenges and successes, from a small carpenter's workshop to a global corporation. Kirk Kristiansen had lost his initial business and began to make toys from the leftover wood. LEGO was honored to be called a “Toy of the Century” twice.

Today “brick” is the most famous product piece in the company. Even though over the years the company has been going through various kinds of changes, “brick” stayed a foundation image of the brand. The "brick" has a history of its own. It was presented in 1958, and interlocking blocks became successful due to their unlimited building possibilities. At that time blocks weren't very stable when stacked on top of one another. Unlike before, today's LEGO bricks have tubes at the bottom that the round studs can fit into more securely.

Advertising and Interesting Facts

The LEGO Movie, which premiered on February 1, 2014, is an amazing piece of advertising. The movie cast included world famous actors such as Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Chris Pratt, Channing Tatum etc. More than 20 Lego sets, inspired by the movies scenes, were created and released. Official Lego Brand Stores were also actively involved in movie-related activities. All in all, one more time LEGO had confirmed their brand superiority.

Advertising was not always on such high level though. However, even with small budgets, the brand did a good job advertising itself. For example, we can remember the ad from the 80's where the little girl is holding a LEGO house in her hands, with a slogan “what it is is beautiful”. Another ad was with a girl was holding a Lego house with a slogan: “it's as beautiful as she is”. The company was trying to “equalize” the brand, make it appealing to both girls and boys. They certainly did a wonderful job.

Since the first minifigure was made and presented in 1978, over 4 billion have been made. Up to 7 LEGO sets are sold every second.