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Microsoft is an American Multinational computer technology corporation. Headquartered in Redmond, Washington. According to Forbes in 2016 Microsoft is estimated to worth $407 Billion with a total revenue of $86 Billion , a technology company that supports the discovery of manufactures and licenses of goods and services that relate to computing.

History of Microsoft

Microsoft was founded by Paul Allien and Bill Gates in April 1975. 25 years before that time, computers were not in existence. In 1946, the first electronic computer was built, with a total weight of more than 300 tonnes and costing almost $500,000.

However, by the mid-1970s, an improved breed of micro-computing was not just more affordable but more practical, they were capable of performing a bit more complex calculations and simple games. Inspired by Popular Electronics magazines, two computer nerds named Bill Gates, and Paul Allen set out to code their version of the primary programming language for Altair computers. They called their partnership Micro-soft, coined from "MICROprocessor" and "SOFTware". Paul Allen choose the name Microsoft.

In August 2012, Microsoft introduced a new logo which incorporated the current, multicoloured Windows symbol. Consisting of four squares of the native Windows colors, this tends to portray the diverse portfolio of the company’s products.

The corporate slogan for Microsoft "Empowering us all" focuses on empowerment, what technology is allowing us to do, the opportunities it has created for people and how it is advancing our world.

Advertisement and commercials

It may interest you to know that Microsoft has major contenders such as Apple and Google, to survive competition much revenue should go into advertising at this moment creating more enlightenment about their products and services this will go a long way to increase sales. In 2000 Microsoft has invested about $150 million ads budget during the launch of MSN explorer in a bid to defeat AOL. In 2009 Microsoft made a massive $1 billion revenues for the first time in history this huge success had been long anticipated on its search engine Bing.

By 2015 Microsoft annual revenues rose by 8% to $93.58 billion this was achieved because of increase in sales in all its hardware operations (including surface, the sales multiplied twice to $888 million) also in commercial cloud-based services, consisting of search advert and Xbox live. Profit margin from consumer and commercial software licensing sprang up.

Microsoft advertisement has won the prestigious Advertiser of the Year award by Clio Awards in 2016. Microsoft has chosen Interpublic Group as its agency of record for advertising and global deployment while Dentsu Aegis will handle media planning, media buying and search advertising. At the Dell World 2015, Microsoft and Dell partnership was deemed to see ways in which small businesses owner and entrepreneurs will adopt Office 365 monthly.

Microsoft signed a three-year sponsorship deal between a Special Olympics a non-profit organization. In return, Microsoft gains marketing rights at Special Olympics world summer games in Los Angeles in 2015 and 2017 World Winter Games in Australia. Microsoft applies technology and expertise in useful and innovative ways to help organisations develop further.