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Mini is a car brand responsible for production of small cars. It belongs to British Motor Corporation which is based in England. This company created an iconic model which was the symbol of popular culture in 60s.

History of Mini

The history of this brand started in 1950s with the collaboration of the Cooper Car Company and the British Motor Company. The man responsible for this cooperation was Tony Benn, the head of BMC. He hired a talented engineer Alec Issigonis who designed these tiny cars.

The production of such vehicles became popular when fuel rationing was introduced due to the Suez Crisis. After BMW had sold the Rover Group it owned the Mini name. In 2001 they launched a program to create a modern looking variant. The revenue of the company was €43.1 billion in 2016.

The current Mini logo has been in use since 2001. It is based on earlier logos and features the brand name. It is written in uppercase letters placed inside of a black circle. The circle is embedded between two silver wings. They symbolize speed and freedom of expression.

Mini’s most wide-spread slogans are “You don’t need a big one to be happy” and “Park here.”

Advertising and Interesting Facts

In 2016 ads budget of the brand was €3.1 million.

One of the earliest ads which made this brand popular was launched in 1959. It showed the original Austin Mini. The promo featured three men and four women with a lot of suitcases and clothes ready for a weekend away. The idea was to show that you could fit them all in the “incredible” Seven.

Mini went through rebranding in 2011 and a number of cinematic commercials were shot to advertise it. That year campaign focused on the personality of the new model. It was a 50-second video named “Martians.” It showed London being attacked by aliens destroying such iconic buildings as the Millennium Dome.

The company also likes playing with shapes and sizes. Quite often they place full-size prototypes of their cars on buildings or in the streets using the environment in an untypical manner.

Mini had a deal with National Cinema Network. The company sponsors Professional Bull Riders, Inc. and NASCAR teams. They have been partners with Shell, Tony Hawk and Nvidia.

Mini’s Awards:

J.D. Power has been ranking the company as “Highest” in sales satisfaction among mass market brands from 2010 to 2013.
Mini was awarded by Automotive Science Group in 2015.
The car maker was on the list of 10 Coolest New Cars under $25,000 in 2014.
It was the Top Safety Pick by IIHS in 2011.