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Nescafé is a large coffee brand. The trademark belongs to Nestlé. So, "Nescafé" name is a portmanteau of "Nestlé" and "café". Today this drink exists in different forms and is famous all over the world.

History of Nescafé

The history of Nescafé started in Switzerland. The flagship coffee by Nestlé was introduced in 1938. After the initiative of Brazilian authorities Nestlé started developing a coffee brand. The company introduced a freeze-dried "Nescafé Gold" in Europe in 1965.

Nowadays Nescafé brand still belongs to Nestlé company. Its revenue in 2016 was $89.46 billion. Nescafé products are numerous. Among them are Nescafé Classic, Nescafé Cappuccino, Nescafé Latte and others.

The shape of the Nescafé logo depicts a simple wordmark. It has a lot in common with Nestlé logotype. However, this variant is based on uppercase characters.

The main colour of the Nescafé logo is bright-red which symbolizes the warmth. The white colour depicts such qualities as purity and elegance. The coffee’s logo incorporates a custom typeface.

The number of Nescafé slogans is impressive. The most famous of them are:

"It all starts with a Nescafe"; "Great ideas come from great coffee"; "Every moment has its flavor"; "A cup of character"; "For those finer moments".

Advertising and Interesting Facts

Ads budget of Nescafé is often on the news. The company is said to invest record spendings in advertising. For example, they invested $55 million into it in Great Britain in 2009.

This is why you can often see stars in Nescafé commercials. Today the company films George Clooney. Earlier Anthony Head and Sharon Maughan were filmed. Nescafé advertising on TV also includes everyday situations and variations of beautiful scenery.

Some of the Internet ads show a cup of coffee stylized as an alarm clock. Among them there is also a print saying "If you’re not awake, you’re asleep".

As a part of marketing campaign Nescafé became a sponsor of Good Food Show 2008 at Birmingham NEC. The drink was advertised using advanced 3D technology to engage their consumers led by iD Experiential.

In 2016 Nescafé received a prize by The Sabre Awards. It also has won gold at AAG. In 2012 Nescafé was awarded platinum at Pentawards.

In 2005 the Associated Press reported Nestlé lost a lawsuit to Russell Christoff for using an image of him without his permission on their Taster's Choice label for about five years.