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Philips - the Netherlands Technology Company - is one of the top brands when it comes to electronics. The company's activities are divided into three main areas: health, light solutions and consumer goods. In 2016, Forbes ranked Philips as the 96th most valuable brands in the world with the company recording revenue of $26.89 billion in 2016.

History of Philips

The Phillps brand is the brainchild of Dutchmen Gerald Philips and Frederik Philips (father and son). The company also was known as the Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands (Koninklijke Philips N.V.). It was founded in 1891 in Eindhoven, Holland. The company at present has its headquarters in Amsterdam and is engaged in the customer well-being, electronics, healthcare as well as lightening markets. These engagements are segmented into Consumer lifestyle, Lightening, Group and Services, Innovation and healthcare.

The Philips brand has high degree competition with companies like LG, Samsung, Siemens, General Electric, Matsushita Electric Industrial Company, Sony, etc. But the company name remains a global force, especially in the area of electronics. Philips continues to be one of the largest companies dealing with electronics, and they have over 105,000 people from over 60 different countries employed.

Advertising and Interesting Facts

Over the years Phillps has served up interesting advert campaigns. Back in 2014, Philips had a total expenditure on advertising and promotion of 913 million Euro which represented a 5% increment from the previous year's advertising and promotion budget. This increase in ads budget is attributed to commercials and ad expenses in mature markets such as the United States, Germany and Netherlands.

That year ads campaign saw Philips ranked 42nd in the Interbrand list of most valuable brands in 2014.

In 2013, Philips revamped and modernized their logo and slogan. The new Philips slogan "Innovation & You" was sold as a signal for the start of the company's new goal of doubling its reach by the year 2025.

When it comes to making adverts, Philips has been quite innovating and creative; the company has come up with a lot of interesting, compelling and engaging commercials.

This includes the Philips "breathless choir" commercial, the "Robot Skin - Electric shave - Sexy shower" commercial, the Philips baby monitor viral ad, Philips hue ad, the Philips Diwali ad as well as the Phillps carousel commercial.

Despite not being ranked in the top 20 advertising budget list for the year 2016, Philips' interesting, compelling and engaging commercials saw them remain one of the biggest electronics brands, ranked number 388 on Forbes Global 2000 list (2016), and the Philips brand remains very recognizable.