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Sony Corporation is a huge transnational corporation producing high-tech electronics – television sets and projectors, home video, home audio, home theatre systems, displays and panels, digital photography, hand cam, computer peripheral, portable audio, play stations, in-car entertainment, mobile phones, storage and recording media.

Sony Corporation is a multinational company with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, and one of the world largest media conglomerate with revenue of US$88.7 billion (2008). Sony consists of five business segments. They include Sony Corporation, Sony Picture Entertainment, Sony Consumption Entertainment, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Sony Erickson and Sony Financial Holding.

History of Sony

The history of the company started after World War II, in 1945. Two colleagues Ibuka and Akio Morita founded a company and called it Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo (Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation).

The second half of the 20th century was the Golden period of Sony. The company covered new market segments and created its own. Some devices were so advanced that rival would require a lot of time to catch up with them.

The market capitalization of Sony corporation is about $17,6 bln and the sales are above $78 bln (Forbes 2013), Sony is acknowledged to be the most influential company both in the home market ( the 4th place in «Japan’s Best Global Brands") and all over the world (5th place in "Top Global Meaningful Brands Index").

Advertising and Interesting Facts

The original name of the brand Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo was hard to pronounce. Sony got its new name from the Latin "sonus" meaning sound. Sony means a small group of youngsters, energetic and passionate to unlimited creation.

Sony wants to differ from others and be special for consumers:
“Do what has never been done before”, “Always stay one step ahead”, “Like No other”, “Sony video camera makes all the time”, etc.
The present slogan is - "Make. Believe".

Sony emphasizes the idea that it can provide people with all the entertainments. You can watch a video, listen to an audio, record memories with Sony camcorders. Advertising was embeded in spy movies, where James Bond uses Sony products. Bond became a model for Sony’s Bravia ad.

Sony uses innovative advertisements to communicate with consumers and initiate conversation among consumers. One of the Bravia TV ads, made by Fallon, was about launching 250,000 colorful balls bouncing on a San Francisco street. Another Bravia TV ad was using 70000 liters of colorful paints for 1400 explosions to cover buildings. Sony tries to make its brand different from other rivals. Another Sony Bravia advertisement demonstrates the visual qualities of Sony's new televisions presenting the Brazilian footballer Kaka showing off his skills in a giant zoetrope. The aim of Sony is not only to make people purchase but make them talk about, trust the brand and to know that the brand gives them what they expect from it.

Among Sony famous brand ambassadors was Kapil Dev and later Maria Sharapova,Hrithik Roshan, Sarah Geronim, Nancy Ajram.