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Sprite is a colourless and caffeine-free soft drink. Its production belongs to The Coca-Cola Company. It was initially named as Fanta Klare Zitrone but today it is called Sprite. Even though it is often confused with lemonade, it is a separate class of carbonated soft drinks.

History of Sprite

This drink’s history started in West Germany. The year when it came in production was 1959. The design and the overall idea of Sprite belong to The Coca-Cola Company which conducted a lot of researches before releasing this drink. In fact, Sprite was Coca-Cola’s response to the popularity of 7-Up.

In 1967 Sprite gained a lot of popularity and was available in 39 countries. At first it was sold in glass bottles but nowadays it is sold in plastic bottles and cans. The revenue of Sprite was $6.2 in 2016.

Sprite brand has had various logotypes during its history. Starting from 2015 the drink’s logo is “Sprite” writing which is framed by a dynamic shape with a lot of curves. The colour used for the symbol is a juicy green.

The most famous Sprite slogans are:
Sprite. Obey your thirst.
Image is nothing. Thirst is everything. Obey your thirst.
It’s a Natural!
I like the Sprite in you.
There’s a delicious ray of sunshine in every drop.

Advertising and Interesting Facts

In 2015 the ads budget of Sprite was $24 million.

Sprite advertising often makes use of the portmanteau word lymon, a combination of the words “lemon” and “lime”.

When Sprite changed its slogan in 1994 the brand tapped into hip-hop culture cooperating with such rap artists as LL Cool J, Quest, KRS-One, Missy Elliott, Fat Joe, Nas, and others. They were invited to participate in the TV commercials.

In the 90s one of Sprite’s longest-running ads was “Grant Hill Drinks Sprite” in which a basketball player could enhance his abilities by drinking Sprite. In those days Sprite launched the “Jooky” ad campaign. It poked fun at the competitors and their lack of authenticity.

Sprite is known for sponsoring the fourth season of Eric Andre Show. The drink also had a deal with National Basketball Association. Sprite was the sponsor of a basketball player LeBron James.

Sprite is a brand that widely supports the Polish gaming environment. In 2016 it was the partner of Poznań Game Arena.

In 2015 Sprite was on the Forbes list. It was given #98 as one of the world’s most valuable brands.