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Volvo Car Corporation or Volvo Cars is a Swedish automobile company, the manufacturer of Volvo. Volvo Personvagnar used to be a part of Volvo concern. Since 2010 the company has belonged to Geely Automobile with the headquarters located in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden.

History of Volvo

The company was established in 1927 as an affiliated branch and belonged to a famous ball bearing manufacturer SKF. Assar Gabrielsson became the general director, Gustaf Larson – the technical director.

Volvo trademark was first registered by SKF in 1915 but as a car manufacturer it started to be widely used in 1927 when the first serial auto Volvo ÖV4 (with a speed of 90 km per hour) left the conveyor.

In 2015 half a million new Volvo cars were sold (increase by 8,0% in comparison with the previous year of 2014). The hugest markets are China (more than 81 000 cars sold) Sweden (more than 71 000), the USA (more than 70 000), Great Britain and Germany. The most popular model in 2015 - Volvo XC60 (159 617 cars were sold).

In 2016 the operational income of the company increased by 66% and reached 1,2 bln euro in comparison with 700 bln euro in 2015. For one year the sales in the USA grew up by 18,1%.

Advertising and Interesting facts

The emblem of Volvo was born in 1927 as a circle with an arrow as a symbol of God of War - Mars, as well as a symbol of iron and the male principle. The sign was to be attached to the radiator of the car with a diagonal stripe that later became an integral part of the logo itself.

Volvo has been presenting in a lot of commercials. One of them ABC of Death draws the viewers attention to the automatic brake system of Volvo XC90. The video shows 7 people dying by the accompaniment of the song describing the circumstances of their deaths. Only one person stays alive. Fortunately, he is not run over by car due to the superb brake system of Volvo vehicle.

The commercial was made by an advertising agency Dorian & Daniel in collaboration with Baden-Württemberg Film Academy.

Volvo marketing specialists can also be proud of another advertising masterpiece - a commercial video “Interception” that was awarded grand prize in the “Direct” category of the Cannes Lions festival. The creative agency Grey New York made a bid not for technical characteristics of the car but for the psychology of consumers and Internet trends.

During the American Super Cup Volvo organized a campaign that looked more like a 2-minute flash mob. Each football fan could win a crossover Volvo XC60 on a single condition: when seeing a commercial of any other auto, be it a Lexus or a Mercedes, he could tweet his name and hashtag #VolvoContest, #VolvoInterception.

So, Volvo received 2 thousand mentions for each commercial of another brand (!). As a result, within one month after the Super Cup, Volvo sales increased by 70% that became the highest index in the segment.

Another video presenting Van Damme doing splits between two Volvo trucks was also awarded at Cannes Lions 2015.

Provocative turns and absence of fear in front of rival – are characteristics of Volvo Cars advertisement.

Volvo intends to strengthen the brand’s message not only via advertising but through sponsorship. Though Volvo Cars review the approach to sponsorship and now mostly concentrate on investing into Volvo Ocean Race. It is regarded not only as a sponsor contribution but as an integral part of the brand itself.