Commercials by business sectors

Coloribus is a huge archive of advertising industry works that are structured, besides other dimensions, by industries. The archive can be useful to people who are involved in creation and spreading of advertisements and commercials.

Advertising market

According to the forecast of ZenithOptimedia, global advertising market will keep on growing till 2019. By the results of 2015 the ad costs were increased by 3,9%, in 2016 - by 4,7%, in 2017- will increase by 4,3%, in 2018 - by 4,2%. Other ad company GroupM stated that the growth made up 3,4% (2015) and 4,5% (2016).

The expenses for advertising soon will reach $924 mln dollars. Most of its part is with media (54%), the rest goes to marketing services. The biggest media is TV and attracts 22,6% of media budgets. Then digitals follow with 15%, newspapers 6%, magazines 4,2%, outdoor advertising with 3,2%, radio 2,4% movie-houses with minimum 0,1%.

Importance of advertising

Progress of the world depends on industrial development. Sales are vital in modern society. Advertising is a dynamic fast transforming sphere of human activities. Its character, content and form change together with alterations that take place in industries, social and economic formations.

The power of advertising in modern world is limited by neither commercial communications nor market activities. Importance of advertising grows practically in all spheres of economic and social life.

By the studies of ZenithOptimedia, working in 58 counties of the world the volume of advertising market annually grows up by 3,4%.

The advertising leader today is the USA that takes up 45-46 % of advertising budgets and the USA costs for advertising increases annually. The biggest advertisers of the world by data of the magazine Advertising Age are: an American company Procter&Gamble (cosmetics and households chemicals, etc), British – Holland company Unilever (perfumes, cosmetics, household chemicals etc) and American giant of automobile industry General Motors.

The Top 10 companies are:

  • Toyota (Japan, automobile manufacturing),
  • Ford Motor (the USA, automobile manufacturing),
  • Time Warner (the USA, media, cinema production, entertainment industry etc),
  • DaimlerChrysler (Germany-the USA, automobile manufacturing),
  • L’Oréal (France, perfumes, cosmetics),
  • Nestle (Sweden, food products),
  • Sony (Japan, consumer electronics).

Half of 100 big companies-advertisers are American and the most frequently advertised products are automobiles, food products, cosmetics and services.