List of creatives and commercial producers

Talented, original and memorable advertisements are created by talented and unordinary people - masters of advertising, who not only attract consumers and increase the sales, but also ensure the prosperity of advertising creativity. Here you can find profiles of creatives - art directors, creators, copywriters, who have worked on an advertising for a wide range of goods and services from a wide range of business sectors, from food products to large-scale industrial objects and business-projects.

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Famous creatives in the history of advertising

David Ogilvy – the founder of the advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather, a professional author of advertising texts and presentations and finally one of the most successful advertisers, whose story of success is classical and worth studying. Specialists in the industry call him “Father of advertising” due to his unique ability to present easily a product to the public simultaneously working out cliches for developing advertising in general. In 1962 the “Time” magazine called Ogilvy “the most claimed magician of modern advertising industry”.

George Gribbin – an American copywriter of a sparkling professional individuality that proved the importance of a text word while visual images were leading in advertising industry market.

Leo Burnett – the head of an advertising empire and creator of his own advertising style. Started with lots of debts, 8 employees and a couple of clients, he established his empire with 270 companies, 9000 workers in 83 countries, whose annual income is more than 8 bln dollars.

Dan Wieden – a pioneer of a new advertising trend merging advertisement and art. Experiments in this sphere helped the agency Wieden + Kennedy (W+K) to gain fame all over the world. Nike is one of the brands the agency works with.

William Bernbach – a legendary figure of advertising market. With a very short and simple slogan “Think small” he turned many people’s vision of lifestyle upside down and brought Volkswagen Beetle on top of sales (that was very unfavorable for the car model condition) and earned for his ad agency a 40-year contract with Volkswagen and other famous clients like El Al Airlines, Polaroid, Rheingold Beer, Porsche, Chivas Regal, and turnover of 1 bln dollars.

Today’s renowned advertising professionals

The 21 century introduced new tendencies and requirements to the modern advertising market – innovative trends, careful targeting and fresh ideas. Many high-class professionals exist on the modern market:

Erik Vervroegen – an international art director of Publicis Worldwide, the winner of 70 Cannes Lions, is able to make a creative sight anywhere in the world. His masterpieces include a nuclear clown for PS3 and a series of Cannes commercials about true love.

George Lois – a man of the Idea of famous ad campaigns for Xerox, MTV and Robert Kennedy. He is known for the legendary covers of Esquire magazine. He is included in Art Directors Hall of Fame and One Club Creative Hall of Fame, received Lifetime Achievement Awards оf American Institute of Graphic Arts, CLIO, and Society of Publication Designers.

Lee Clow – the head and global director of TBWA Worldwide, a patriarch of advertising business, a creator of the slogan Think Different for Apple company and legendary commercial «1984», that is acknowledged as classic.

Mark Fitzloff and Susan Hoffman – creative executives of Wieden+Kennedy Portland. This duet created a commercial for Chrysler «Imported from Detroit» for Super Cup and campaign Levi’s «Go Forth».

David Lubar – the Head of Management of BBDO North America. The man created a series of commercials for BMW and an unforgettable image «Imagine» for HBO. He launched the project that entered the Guinness Book of Records— «Love Project» by Starbucks.

Creativity leads to development and progress. It makes the market more perfect and improved. It helps to solve standard problems in non-standard ways. That is what modern market and society are based on.