Absolut Design und Branding ABSOLUT ELYX Brand Union


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Branche Wodka
Medien Design und Branding
Markt Schweden
Agentur Brand Union
Veröffentlicht September 2011

Kredite und Beschreibung

Category: iii. Premium Brand
Product/Service: ABSOLUT ELYX
Executive Client Director: Jonas Andersson (The Brand Union)
Design Director: Patrik Gebhardt (The Brand Union)
Client Manager: Camilla Sand (The Brand Union)
Media placement: Bottle - Bars And Off Trade - September 2011

Describe the brief from the client
The purpose was to introduce an Absolut sub-brand that gives the consumer a possibility to upgrade within the brand. With 'Elyx', we want to break existing norms in the super-premium vodka category just like Absolut did in 1979.

Describe the challenges and key objectives
Strategic intent:
Conceptualise and design a new Absolut Vodka that challenges the conventions of the current super-premium vodka category, and gives the Absolut consumer a possibility to upgrade within the brand.

Creative challenge:
Break with the existing super-premium category standard. Shelf visibility is important yet develop a premium and sophisticated product design that will last over time. Deliver on substance, with style and excellence (brand beliefs).

Describe how you arrived at the final design
Absolut Elyx - The idea entering the high-end. Inspired by 500 years of vodka making expertise, Absolut has spent the last decade inventing a new vodka. The result is a hand-crafted super-premium vodka with an elegant, silky texture.

In the process we contributed with the term ‘Copper Catalysation, Perfected’, and focused the design concept around that statement. The design strategy was to create a product for high-energy occasions, and at the same time emphasise the artisan qualities of the wet goods.

Give some indication of how successful the outcome was in the market
After several successful test launches in 3 different countries, Absolut Elyx is now being launched globally.