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Branche Cognac
Medien Design und Branding
Markt Europa
Agentur Here Design London
Veröffentlicht September 2017


Mobius Awards 2017
Package Design Luxury Goods BEST OF SHOW NOMINEE
Package Design Luxury Goods Mobius

Kredite und Beschreibung

Entrant: Here Design London / United Kingdom
Advertiser: Otard Cognac / France
An invitation to a French castle is difficult to turn down at the best of times, not least when it’s the Château at the beating heart of Cognac – once the birthplace of King François 1er of France. Our idea: to unlock the hidden cognac of kings.
Collection du Roi

We turned Otard’s rare, secret and exquisite bottles of cognac blends – aged for a very long time in the Paradise Room of the castle – into a beautiful and exclusive new range using their extraordinary story of royal heritage and peerless authenticity.
Our task was to share Otard’s story and use design and museum quality craftsmanship to reveal the hidden cognac of kings. We designed three exquisite and uniquely handmade, mouth-blown crystal decanters, using strong, dark colours and pure gold leaf, evoking the kingly crown and royal finery.
For each precious vessel, we designed and commissioned a bespoke handmade presentation case, covered in silk, leather, gold leaf and lacquered wood. The cases protect the rare cognac and act as a stage from which the crystal decanter can shine. Each cabinet has a drawer containing the story of the cognac, certificate of authenticity, mini tasting bottle and glass, polishing cloth and a personal invitation to the Château.