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Branche Lollipops (en)
Medien Design und Branding
Markt Japan
Agentur Dentsu Inc. Chubu Nagoya
Creative Director Takashi Ohnuma
Art Director Michihito Dobashi
Copywriter Kosuke Shinshi
Designer Masao Shirasawa, Yasunobu Hideshima
Photographer Yoshiyuki Hata
Illustrator Kazuto Miyazaki
Agentur Impact Taki
Veröffentlicht Januar 2013

Kredite und Beschreibung

Category: Foods
Translator: Julia Fangyi Chu (Dentsu )
Illustrator: Kazuto Miyazaki
Creative Director: Takashi Ohnuma (Dentsu)
Designer: Masao Shirasawa (Openends)
Printing Director: Satoru Ozawa (Ito Bigeisya)
Designer: Yasunobu Hideshima (Impact Taki)
Photographer: Yoshiyuki Hata
Copywriter: Kosuke Shinshi (Dentsu )
Art Director: Michihito Dobashi (Dentsu )

Brief Explanation
Change the traditional Japanese sweets 'YOKAN' into popular snack among young people.

After 'Sports YOKAN' launched, many young people and athletes talk about it on internet. As a result, 'YOKAN' appears at sports goods stores, convenience stores first time. Now, when you google 'YOKAN' in Japanese, it is shown on the top 4 on the first page. And it almost sold out on internet.Besides, it is provided as official nutrition food to runners in Nagoya women's marathon.

'YOKAN' is well known by mountaineers and athletes as nutritional supplement food which within’ high sugar content and sturdy shape.Imuraya develops 'SPORTS YOKAN', which is bite-sized and enriched salt content.We designed the graphic arts which base on traditional Japanese painting 'UKIYOE' in contemporary style. It renewed the image of old-fashioned 'YOKAN', and got attention and interest from young people successfully.

Client Brief Or Objective
'YOKAN' is a thick jellied sweet made of azuki bean paste, kanten and sugar.It is kind of traditional Japanese sweets which developed more than 300 years ago.But now, 'YOKAN' only bought as souvenir or gift by elder people, young people have seldom chance to eat it.Therefore, get attention of young people to 'YOKAN' again is important.