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Cricket Bread [presentation image]

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Branche Brot, Öffentliche Mitteilungen (soziale Werbung)
Medien Direkt, Design und Branding, Fallmethode
Markt Finnland
Agentur Sek & Grey Finland
Creative Ritva Isteri, Aleksi Erma
Veröffentlicht Oktober 2017


Lions Good 2018
Sustainable Development Goals Lions Responsible Consumption and Production Bronze Lion

Kredite und Beschreibung

SEK Helsinki, Finland Entrant Company
SEK Helsinki, Finland Idea Creation
SEK Helsinki, Finland Production
SEK Helsinki, Finland PR
DIGIPEOPLE STUDIO Helsinki, Finland Additional Company
Ritva Isteri Oy SEK Ab Creative
Aleksi Erma Oy SEK Ab Creative
Essi Orama Oy SEK Ab PR
Niina Yli-Karjala Oy SEK Ab Package design
Reija Lång Oy SEK Ab PR
Jari Kinnunen Oy SEK Ab Photo production
Jan Paasonen Oy SEK Ab POS design
Peter Hortling Oy SEK Ab Video producer
Meli Martin Oy SEK Ab Package design project management
Tanja Valo Oy SEK Ab Project management
Eivor Biese Oy SEK Ab Account direction
Mikko Martikainen Oy SEK Ab Creative Direction
"A profound change of the global food and agriculture system is needed if we are to nourish the 815 million hungry today and the additional 2 billion people expected by 2050."
UN Sustainable Development Goals
Everyone from the UN to conscious consumers know that the food industry needs to step up. Mankind needs more sustainable sources of protein. In fact, Mother Nature has already given
us the answer: insect food. The only problem is, people in developed countries find it disgusting.
Fazer, as a forward-looking food company and driven by its mission, *Food with a purpose*,
wanted to take on this challenge with concrete action.
The objectives were to raise the discussion about insect food and enhance the image of Fazer as an innovative food company.
First we needed to create a discussion around insect food, because legislation in Finland didn't allow the selling of insect food yet. We knew that insect food would divide public opinion. And that's the way we wanted it to be in order to raise the issue.
We came out with a bold statement: "Fazer sees insects as the food of the future and is looking to launch a bread baked with insect flour." This was launched in a social media video which heated up the discussion.
To get maximum PR impact we knew that being first to launch insect-based food to the mass market would be critical. The race to be first started when the Finnish Government decided to allow the selling of insect food before EU legislation.
Cricket Bread would start a delicious food revolution. Priceless for mankind. Beneficial for a food company aiming to be seen more innovative.
Starting from the press event in Helsinki Finland we got staggering results:
Total media reach 13.7 billion
News items and pieces of social media coverage 3300+
PR value in 17 Fazer markets 1.1 M€
Source: Meedius International 2017
Most importantly, people loved the bread – and embraced insects as a part of their future diets.
Cricket Bread surprised us all. Something we thought would be game-changing in Finland, became a global phenomenon encouraging mankind to adopt a more sustainable diet.
First, we took ownership of the topic by announcing that Fazer would make insect-based food,
to raise public discussion. It heated up the conversation. And in the midst of this rising phenomenon, the Finnish Government decided to allow the selling of insects as food.
Fazer then decided to be the first to bring insect-based food from their test kitchen to the mass market.
Introducing Cricket Bread.
Teased in social media and in-store with sounds of crickets.
Launched in a morning press event in Helsinki - set up in one of Fazer's in-store bakeries with live-streaming.
PR photos of Cricket Bread and news rapidly spread around the world.
In one day the whole world woke up to discuss insect food from Europe to America, Asia to Australia.
People were fascinated and eager to taste it. They felt it tasted just like delicious bread should taste.
Campaign Description
We took one of the oldest and most loved staples of our diet, and baked it into the most future facing food with cricket flour in it. And there you have it, a delicious bite of the future at your local food store.
A simple hand baked loaf of delicious bread with cricket flour in it got the media and people talking about insect food – and about an innovative Finnish food company with a mission that checks with UN’s to-do-list for the world.
Brief With Projected Outcomes
In the fall of 2017, in the midst of the insect-based food phenomenon, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry changed its interpretation of the EU legislation, and the production and selling of insect foods was allowed in Finland. This meant that the insect bread could be launched in record-breaking time.
With this launch people were activated to consider whether they could take insect-based food into their diet.