Panasonic Direkt, Design und Branding Electric, 1 Dentsu Inc. Tokyo

Electric, 1

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Branche Akkus und Batterien
Medien Direkt, Design und Branding
Markt Japan
Agentur Dentsu Inc. Tokyo
Art Director Taiji Kimura, Daisuke Hatakeyama
Copywriter Haruko Tsutsui, Scott Lehman, Marina Danjo
Designer Chihiro Kato, Masashi Fujita
Producer Yuta Harasawa
Photographer Fumihito Katamura
Illustrator Blexbolex
Produktionsagentur Tyo drive
Director Takuya Demura
Veröffentlicht April 2016


One Show 2017
Design Craft: Art Direction - Single Or Series Silver
Design Craft: Illustration - Single Or Series Silver
Direct Marketing Print: Flat & Dimensional Merit
Print & Outdoor Promotional / Collateral: Promotional Items - Single Or Campaign Merit
Design Promotional: Booklets, Brochures, & Product Catalogues Merit

Kredite und Beschreibung

Brand: Panasonic
Product/Service: Catalog
Entrant Company: Dentsu Inc.
Agency Network: Dentsu Inc., Tokyo
Production Company: Tyo drive, Tokyo
Other: Pen.Inc., Tokyo
Other: Creative Power Unit, Tokyo
Other: Caviar, Tokyo
Other: Artisan Inc., Tokyo
Other: Dentsu On Demand Graphic Inc., Tokyo
Creative Director/Art Director: Yoshihiro Yagi
Copywriter: Haruko Tsutsui
Copywriter: Scott Lehman
Copywriter: Marina Danjo
Designer: Chihiro Kato
Planner: Hajime Yakushiji
Executive Producer: Koji Wada
Account Executive: Kyosuke Fujita
Account Executive: Nahoko Yokoyama
Art Director: Taiji Kimura
Art Director: Daisuke Hatakeyama
Designer: Masashi Fujita
Photographer: Fumihito Katamura
Executive Producer: Shunichi Takano
Producer: Yuta Harasawa
Production Manager: Maiko Fujiwara
Director: Takuya Demura
Gaffer: Hiroki Nishigaya
Technical Designer: Yusuke Sakurai
Technical Designer: Tatsuya Utsushikawa
Technical Designer: Hiroyuki Seino
Printing Director: Shinya Tamura
Technical Designer: Yoshihisa Hagi
Technical Designer: Eiji Kamomiya
Illustrator: Blexbolex
Artist Agent: Natsuko Kida
In Japan, electricity is so much a part of life that it is often taken for granted. In April 2016, however, the Japanese retail electricity market was deregulated, enabling consumers to choose their electricity provider for the first time. With public interest in electricity running high, Panasonic wanted to use its position as a leading manufacturer of electronics, housing, communication, and energy products to begin a conversation with consumers about the real value of electricity.
We conducted an experiment in which we charged 21 eneloop batteries with energy created in daily life. We captured Cuddly Hamster Power from hamsters running on exercise wheels, and Cheerful Pom-Pom Power from energetic cheerleaders shaking their pom-poms, 21 different kinds in all.
As an electronics manufacturer, Panasonic wanted to reach out and encourage consumers to think about the real value of electricity. To achieve this goal, we employed a strategy that combined exposure via TV commercials and a dedicated website with exhibitions and online sales (via Amazon) of products created during the project. By offering consumers cute, beautiful, and cool products they can hold in their hands, we created a direct pathway to a new way of thinking about electricity.
We created 21 custom-designed, illustrated packages for the batteries, as well as movies and a booklet showing how they were charged. The project was also featured in TV commercials and a special website. In addition, exhibitions and online sales (via Amazon) enabled consumers to actually touch and own the products created during the project.
We changed the way people think about electricity by transforming it from an invisible force that is taken for granted into something that people relate to as cute, beautiful, or cool.