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Agentur Ogilvy & Mather New York
Associate Creative Director Kate Macpherson
Creative Director Al Pascarelli
Art Director Yiran Liu
Copywriter Jeph Burton
Veröffentlicht September 2011

Kredite und Beschreibung

Category: Product Launches
Advertiser: NEW BALANCE
Product/Service: NEW BALANCE
Creative Director: Al Pascarelli (OgilvyAction)
Associate Creative Director: Kate MacPherson (OgilvyAction)
Senior Art Director: James Hudson (OgilvyAction)
Art Director: Yiran Liu (OgilvyAction)
Copywriter: Jeph Burton (OgilvyAction)
Digital Project Manager: May Pan (OgilvyAction)
Technology Partner: (Monterosa)
Video Production Partner: (Last Ditch Pictures)
Media placement: Print - AMNY Cover, Inside Spread & 1/2 Page Ad - August 2011-October 2011
Media placement: OOH - Urban Panals, Mobile Billboards in New York City Metro Area - August 2011- October 2011
Media placement: Digital - Web Banners & AMNY E-Newsletter - August 2011-October 2011

Describe the brief/objective of the direct campaign.
We knew that we had to create a campaign that exuded energy and spirit and therefore decided to target the niche community of runners which we named 'New York Activists'. The thought was that if we engaged running enthusiasts, it would lead to a solid influencer community.

Activists are self-motivated, seek out new challenges and revel in the journey rather than take short cuts. New Yorkers on the other hand are known to be hardened sceptics, who don’t want to be told how great a brand is, they want to experience it for themselves.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective with reference to the projected response rates and desired outcome.
To engage and inspire our New York Activists, we created a campaign that harnessed the power of competitive running. The Urban Dash iPhone app transformed the city into a virtual game-board, pitting New Yorkers against one another in a real-time relay race to redeem virtual batons, with the store as the finish line.

The campaign seamlessly integrated social and paid media, experiential and digital to connect with the target in a new and innovative way. By getting people moving, competing and sharing, we elevated the relevancy and aspiration of the brand, driving store visits and sales.

Explain why the creative execution was relevant to the product or service.
Urban Dash was at its core an experience that got people moving. We took gaming - traditionally a category that isolates people - and brought it to life in a way that motivated the target and created a community. Among ‘Dashers’ we reinforced New Balance as a brand focused on innovation and performance products. Using the baton, the iconic representation of competition running, the Urban Dash game got New Yorkers moving and drove people to the store. By making players the heroes and the store, part of their story, we created excitement around the launch in an original way.

Describe the results in as much detail as possible with particular reference to the RESPONSE of the target audience including deliverability statistics, response rates, click throughs, sales cost per response, relationships built and overall return on investment.
◦Game Play /Baton Redemption Statistics:
◦Total Downloads from App Store: 1,000
◦Average Player Game Time:2 hours,10 minutes
◦Total Hours Played: 7,921 hours=330 days=47 weeks
◦Total Social Media Followers Gained=236 Facebook / 97 Twitter
◦Total Miles Travelled=Over 14,000 miles, average 22 miles per player
◦The greatest distance travelled by one player was 1,109 miles
◦Total Baton Passes = 1,682 before redemption, average 4.5 passes per baton
◦Total Batons Redeemed = Number of batons verified in-store = 376
◦Total NYC Exclusive Shoes Awarded = Total winners who verified at least one baton in-store=84
◦Intercepts converted to engagement =70%
◦Print costs per impression=.01