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Nameless Paints [video]

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Branche Bildung, Ausstattungen und Dienstleistungen für Business, Corporate Image
Medien Fallmethode
Markt Japan
Agentur Dentsu Inc. Tokyo
Art Director Yusuke Imai
Copywriter Ayami Moteki
Veröffentlicht September 2015


LIA 2016
Design Product Design Silver Winner

Kredite und Beschreibung

Client: Kokuyo
Product: Campus
Entrant: Dentsu Inc. Tokyo, Japan
Idea: Dentsu Inc. Tokyo, Japan
Editor: Sep 24 2015 12:00am
ArtDirector: Yusuke Imai (DENTSU INC.)
CopyWriter: Ayami Moteki (DENTSU INC.)
TypographicDesigner: Misato Watanabe (Freelance)
Describe the campaign/entry:
These paints are a new style of paint that allows you to find your own original colors while teaching the principle of color through the addition of the three principle color spheres.
Creative Execution:
Made the color by same ratio on the package.
Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market:
Not knowing the color inside the paint tube, children choose colors they don't usually use. It ends up pictures with much more colorful than usual.
Nameless Paints was originally designed for KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD 2012 sponsored by KOKUYO and winning the Grand-Prix helped commercialize this artwork. Limited 3000 paint sets are on sale and they are almost sold out.
Numbers of websites shared this product, commenting on its innovative design. “it's a cool concept that lets kids be a bit more free-flowing with the way they learn in their most formulative years. -grape”, “It gives children to discover their own feelings about colors and creates unique hues based on their own artistic inspirations. -rocket news24”. Resulted about 200,000 shares on SNS.
“I can’t find the color I always use at a glance.”
Such seemingly meaningless moments are really opportunities to further understand color and truly see what it is you are attempting to draw.