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THE BUN-O-GRAM [video]

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Branche Gebäck und Süßwaren
Medien Fallmethode
Markt Schweden
Agentur Volontaire
Veröffentlicht Mai 2013

Kredite und Beschreibung

Advertiser: VAASAN
Category: Best Sponsorship or Partnership Campaigns
Advertising campaign: CINNAMON BUN DAY
: Volontaire
For the launch, we invented The Bun-o-gram, a service that helps people send free, freshly baked cinnamon buns directly to loved ones with the help of our pinked-dressed bicycle messengers. Freshly baked bun-o-grams were released every hour - users simply filled in the address and a personal greeting, and the direct message was sent directly. To give the campaign a bigger reach, bun-o-grams were also sent to twelve selected and popular opinion formers engaged in the Pink Ribbon movement.
Client Brief Or Objective
The cinnamon bun is Sweden’s most loved pastry - it even has it’s own day in the calendar. The 4th of October is an annual highlight for bakeries, cinnamon bun producers and grocery stores all over the country, and they all fight for attention. Our mission was to put new energy into The Cinnamon Bun Day, attract new customers and extend sales through all of October by 25%, and remind Sweden of how good cinnamon buns can be - at least if they’re baked by Bonjour.
The Swedish bake-off producer Bonjour bakes with care. Therefore, we decided to team up with The Pink Ribbon movement in October to support the important fight against breast cancer. Since both share the same communicative target group, the collaboration increased awareness for the activity and made Bonjour a relevant partner. To let people know about the collaboration and show that this year’s cinnamon buns were extra good, they were baked with pink pearl sugar. The color created a clear difference and gave stores and customers a reason to choose our buns.
Without bought media, we reached 1.5 million people. All ambassadors used their own platforms to inspire their audience to do the same. Pink buns owned Instagram and became trending topic on Twitter. But the biggest effect was in the coffee rooms. By sending 5 000 cinnamon buns, we sold 3.6 million and beat last year’s record by 52%. By combining two cultural events in October - and by letting people send freshly baked direct messages - we managed to differentiate Bonjour as a bakery, increased both awareness and sales and give The Pink Ribbon movement a new media channel.