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Paris 2024 Olympic Days

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Branche Sportmannschaften
Medien Fernsehen und Film, Fallmethode
Markt Global
Agentur Ubi Bene
Art Director Barbara Paloc, Romain Fernandez
Veröffentlicht Juli 2017


Cristal Festival 2017
Sports Marketing Best Use of Experiential Event Gold
Outdoor Interactive Outdoor Experience (Events, Games…) Gold

Kredite und Beschreibung

Client: Mairie de Paris
Product (Service): Paris 2024 Olympic Bid
Country: France
Agency: Ubi Bene Paris, France
Entrant: Ubi Bene Paris, France
Idea Creation: Ubi Bene Paris, France
Media Placement: Ubi Bene Paris, France
Pr: Ubi Bene Paris, France
Production: Ubi Bene Paris, France
President: Thierry Reboul (Ubi Bene)
General Manager: Michael Courcoux (Ubi Bene)
Art Director: Romain Fernandez (Ubi Bene)
Art Director: Barbara Paloc (Ubi Bene)
Project Director: Marie-Catherine Ettori (Ubi Bene)
The Campaign
We decided to take on parisian landmarks and turn the center of Paris into an ephemeral olympic park, showcasing 33 disciplines with live demonstration from dozens of medalists, lessons by athletes, all-day long practice sessions and pro-am matches throughout 2 days.
Creative Execution
To highlight Paris' unique ability to deliver an outstanding olympic experience combined with its extra soul, style and history, we developed & buit a 156m-long running track floating on the Seine river. It hosted a large variety of sports demonstrations & artistic performances and was also accessible to the parisians to hang around & take pictures. This unique setup required weeks of enginering & dozens of authorisations, such as a special inland navigation agreement for a few days.
In addition, we created a 17m-high diving platform on the edge of Pont Alexandre III, allowing professional divers to perform thrilling high-diving demonstrations all day long. The famous 'Place de l'Etoile' roundabout was yet turned into a temporary velodrome while the Petit-Palais museam was tranformed into a trampoline arena.
1,2 million visitors came to enjoy the activities during this 2-day event, which included a TV set hosting live coverage by RMC & France Television (2 hours TV show live + mid day & evening news report). In total, 180 news reports were broadcasted on 11 national TV channels and 276 on international TV channels.
The event was ranked top trending topic for 48hrs and generated a total of 1,5b mentions. In comparison, Olympic days outstripped Paris' Fashion week in social media & news. Indeed, the bid reached it's goal eventually : Paris was then choosen to host the 2024 olympics.
On June 23-24th, we designed the biggest urban sport park ever in the heart of a city, in order to promote and support the Paris 2024 Olympic bid in the final weeks before the IOC final decision-making process. This event generated massive international media coverage and outstripped Los Angeles' event –on the same day– in media across the globe. It also contributed to underline the core values of the Parisian bid as well as to show its strong motivation to win the Olympics in 2024.
The event was targeted toward families, young public, millenials and sports fans. The KPI were focused on our ability to enroll the general public into a compelling Olympic & Paralympic sports atmosphere to gain support within the local population. To do so, the strategy was to showcase the soul of Paris –a mix of architecture, arts and lifestyle– in order to highlight the singularity of the bid. Hence the mix between olympics disciplines exhibitions and open-air artistic performances, turning Paris landmarks into the biggest sport playground ever, attracting massive organic media exposure and social media reactions across the world.