Invisible Sexism FCB Sao Paulo für O Estadao De Sao Paulo

Invisible Sexism

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Branche Zeitungen, Against violence (en)
Medien Fernsehen und Film, Umgebung, Digital
Markt Brasilien
Agentur FCB Sao Paulo
Chief Creative Officer Joanna Monteiro
Executive Creative Director Fabio Simões “Simon”
Creative Director Romero Cavalcanti
Art Director Henrique Ferreira, Victor Yves
Copywriter Mario Morais
Veröffentlicht April 2017

Kredite und Beschreibung

Title: Invisible Sexism
Product: O Estado de S. Paulo
Agency: FCB Brasil
Chief Creative Officer: Joanna Monteiro
Executive Creative Director: Fábio Simões "Simon"
Creative Director: Romero Cavalcanti
Art Director: Henrique Ferreira, Victor Yves
Copywriter: Mario Morais
Projects: Marcio Bueno, Suelen Mariano
Account: Cris Pereira Heal, Anna Sant’Anna, Henrique Silva
Planner: Marcia Neri, Bianca Reame, Rafael Gonçales, Marcio Rodrigues, Carolina Valentim
Media: Fabio Freitas, Cristina Omura, Augusto Gasperotto
Graphics Production: João Albertini, Daniele Fonseca, Camila Galdêncio
Artbuyer: Tina Castro, Daniel Gonçalves
RTV: Charles Nobili, Pedro Lazzuri, Ricardo Magozo, Mariana Carneiro, Natasha Zaminiani
Model: Ana Ferreira
Photography: Mauricio Nahas, JF Diorio/Estadão
Client Approval: Flavio Pestana, Marcelo Moraes, Marcela Dalla Torre
Support: Estudio Mario Daloia
This is the fourth action by Estadão in partnership with FCB Brasil that focuses on the discussion about gender equality and violence against women. In 2016, the newspaper launched the campaign #7minutes1report to highlight the number of reports of violence against women, and the Songs of Violence campaign, in partnership with the app Shazam, to help prevent people from downloading songs that could promote violence. This year, on the anniversary of the city of São Paulo (January 25), the project #somosmaisque16porcento (“#wearemorethan16percent”) was launched and also sparked debate about the infrequent representation of women in the city’s streets.