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The burglar, the flood and the fire.

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Branche Versicherung
Medien Fernsehen und Film, Digital
Markt Portugal
Agentur McCann Lisbon
Creative Director José Godinho Marques
Art Director Tiago Prandi
Copywriter Tomás Gama
Photographer Mauro Motty
Veröffentlicht April 2014

Kredite und Beschreibung

Advertised brand: Zurich & HomeLovers
Category: Finance & insurance
Media: Online
Advert title(s): The burglar, the flood and the fire.
Advertising Agency: McCann Lisbon, Portugal
Country: Portugal
Agency website: http://www.http://mccann.pt/
Creative Director: José Godinho Marques
Art Director: Tiago Prandi
Copywriter: Tomás Gama
Photographer: Mauro Motty
Published/Released (Month, Year): April 1st, 2014
How would McCann Lisbon sell Zurich Home Insurance on the social networks, without a Facebook page in Portugal?With a house hunting exercise: we spotted the best place to reach our target: the Real Estate Agents' Facebook pages.
The coolest one? HomeLovers. The most trendy and user friendly in Portugal.
It was created a strategic partnership between the two brands, and a completely new experience was developed for a massive group of people looking for a new home in the HomeLovers' photo albums. The flats shown were all real
and they were all available to buy or rent.
As you browsed through them, you could see all the rooms and everything inside them. Including a burglar that suddenly shows up, as heâs robbing the house.
This unexpected appearance makes the browsing experience weird, uncomfortable and almost scary. In the end, a super shows up with the reveal: "Thinking about buying or renting? Think about Zurich Home Insurance."
The same idea was then applied to other home albums but with other damages covered by the insurance: flooding and fire.