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Branche Handys
Medien Fernsehen und Film, Digital
Markt Japan
Agentur Frontage
Agentur Naked Communications
Art Director Hiroki Iguchi
Veröffentlicht März 2013

Kredite und Beschreibung

Advertiser: SONY
Category: Augmented Mobile Experience
Advertising campaign: HEADPHONE MUSIC FESTIVAL
Digital Strategist/Producer: Masanori Iso (Kakezan Inc.)
Account Management/Producer: Chiharu (Frontage )
Digital Strategist/Producer: Fumitake Arano (Kakezan Inc.)
Art Director: Hiroki Iguchi (Naked Communications)
Account Management/Producer: Shinya Kaburagi (Frontage )
Artist Casting/Film Producer: Toshiyuki Nakamoto (Mtv)
Software Engineer: Yuya Hanai (Sony Intelligent System Development)
Account Management/Producer: Takeshi Sone (Frontage )
Artist Casting/Film Producer: Hiromi Yamada (Mtv)
Account Management/Producer: Koki Horiguchi (Frontage )
Creative Director/Strategist: Nick Watanabe (Naked Communications)
Account Management/Producer: Seiichi Kaneko (Frontage )
Account Management/Producer: Tetsuya Kondo (Frontage )
Artist Casting/Film Producer: Shigeo Yoshida (Mtv)
Software Engineer: Shingo Tsurumi (Sony Intelligent System Development)
Creative Director/Art Director: Tadashi Tsujimoto (Naked Communications)
Brief Explanation
INSIGHTAs smartphone usage continues to increase in Japan, more and more people are listening to music through their smartphone devices. However, the majority use default earphones that come with their handsets. How can we influence consumers to switch to Sony headphones for a higher quality music experience. IDEAThe ‘Headphone Music Festival’ is the world's very first virtual music festival using Sony's proprietary 3D augmented reality technology, ‘SmartAR’. We created original live AR videos with four best-selling local rock groups. People were able to 'attend' the festival via their smartphones on the streets of Tokyo, various retail outlets such as ‘Beams’ and electronic stores across the country. At each venue, we offered a free trial of Sony's latest headphones. IMPACTWe earned approximately 1 million USD worth of free publicity and attracted over 460,000 fans during the festival period. The feature product MDR-1 became the number 1 selling headphone on, Japan's leading price comparison e-commerce site in January 2013.