Companhia Athletica (Cia) Fernsehen und Film GLOVE DDB Sao Paulo


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Branche Fitness-Zentren
Medien Fernsehen und Film
Markt Brasilien
Agentur DDB Sao Paulo
Director Felipe Bartholomeu, Santi Elías
Executive Creative Director Marco Versolato, Jaques Lewkowicz
Creative Director Gustavo Victorino, André Faria
Art Director Una Rubia En El Avion
Copywriter Una Rubia En El Avion
Producer Mayra Gama
Account Supervisor Suzana Poli, Marcelo Trivilato, Monica Carvalho
Editor Breno Moreira E Rami D’Aguiar
Veröffentlicht Mai 2013

Kredite und Beschreibung

Category: Entertainment & Leisure
Advertising campaign: GLOVE
Cameraman: Alexandre Dantas
Agency Producer: Gilberto Pires (Gibinha)
Account Supervisor: Marcelo Trivilato
Executive Creative Director: Marco Versolato
Account Supervisor: Monica Carvalho
Lighting: Norberto Becares (Poteto)
Director Of Photography: Nicolas Trovato
Post Production: Sindicato Vfx
Copywriter: Una Rubia En El Avion
Other Credits: Sound Engineer :waldo Denuzzo
Art Director: Una Rubia En El Avion
Creative Director: Andre Faria
Sound Design/Arrangement: Cream Studio
Creative Director: Gustavo Victorino
Director: Felipe
Agency Producer: Luciano Rocha
Producer: Mayra Gama
Advertiser's Supervisor: Marcos Nisti
Editing Company: Rami D`aguiar
Editor: Rami D`aguiar
Animation: Sindicato Vfx
Advertiser's Supervisor: Richard Bilton
Director: Santi Elias
Advertiser's Supervisor: Silvia De Feo
Account Supervisor: Suzana Poli

Brief Explanation
A man at the gym. He finishes working out and walks to the mirror. He looks at his body, his muscles. He looks happy. He feels good. Red latex hands pop out of his body. They clamp his nipples and start electrocuting him. He enjoys the feeling. He's rejoiced feeling like there's nothing better than sweating.