Direction De La Securite Et De La Circulation Routiere/dscr Fernsehen und Film The Last Class La Chose

The Last Class

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Branche Traffic safety (en)
Medien Fernsehen und Film
Markt Frankreich
Agentur La Chose
Creative Director Pascal Grégoire
Art Director Guillaume Ganty, Alexandre Fort
Copywriter Charles Flamand
Produktionsagentur Quad
Veröffentlicht April 2016


Cristal Awards 2016
Film Public interest Sapphire (Silver)

Kredite und Beschreibung

Sécurité Routière, which promotes road safety, and Created by La Chose and directed by Bruno Aveillan, ‘The Last Class’ is the latest film in an ongoing campaign which seeks to raise the public’s conscious about the the turmoil created by road accidents.
Category: Public Interest, NGO
Media: TV
Brand: Securite Routiere
Distracteur - Sécurité Routière
Name of the Film: “The Last Class”
Interdepartmental Delegate to Road Safety: Emmanuel Barbe
Creative Director: Pascal Grégoire
Copywriter: Charles Flamand
Art Directors: Alexandre Fort, Guillaume Ganty
TV Production: Nicolas Buisset
Agency Management: Eric Tong Cuong, Pascal Grégoire, Eric Zajdermann (Agence Anatome) Pamela Taconet, Gloria Amzallag, Marina Flammier
Strategic Planners: Eric Tong Cuong, Céline Bonnefond
Director of Communication/PR: Barka Zérouali
Production Company: Quad Group
Director of Photography: Bruno Aveillan
1st Assistant Director: Tatum Drouilhat
Executive Production: Martin Coulais
Production Director: Claudia Traeger
Post-Production Manager: Nathalie Aveillan
Post-Production: Fix Studio
Sound Production: THE
Composers: Mirwais
Art Buyers: Laure Bouvet, Julie Duret
Brief Explanation
David is driving leisurely through the city centre. While at the wheel he cannot resist the urge to read an incoming message. These few moments of inattention will prove irreversible. He won't notice Julie, the young girl who is crossing the street in front of him returning home from high school. She will be killed on impact.
Friends and relatives of road crash victims appear. They are at the heart of the accident. They are seen floating, almost unreal, like flying over the tragedy scene in the same dynamic as the drivers themselves. They are impacted by the shockwave, although they were not physically present in the car. A voice over, along with the camera which shows each of them, explains their connection to the victim and the consequences of the tragedy on their current but also future lives.