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Branche Autos
Medien Fernsehen und Film
Markt Leteinamerika
Agentur Global Team Blue São Paulo
Executive Creative Director Vico Benevides
Creative Director Rodrigo Strozenberg
Art Director Leandro Bechara, Dago Lenhart
Copywriter Alexandre Giampaoli, Rafael Hessel
Produktionsagentur Primo
Director Nico Perez Veiga
Veröffentlicht Januar 2017


El Ojo Festival 2017
Producción Audiovisual – CRAFT Diseño de Sonido Oro
Producción Audiovisual – CRAFT Efectos Visuales Bronce

Kredite und Beschreibung

Client: Ford Motor Company
Product: Ford EcoSport
Agency: GTB Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Vico Benevides
Creative Director: Rodrigo Strozenberg
Copywriters: Alexandre Giampaoli, Rafael Hessel
Art Directors: Leandro Bechara, Dago Lenhart

Concept Credits:
Executive Creative Director: Vico Benevides
Creative Director: Rodrigo Strozenberg
Creative Team: (Brazil) - Alexandre Giampaoli, Leandro Bechara, Rafael Hessel, Dago Lenhart, Rafael Genu, Guilherme Portugal, Lincoln Grosso. (Colombia) - Diego Contreras, Wilson Caicedo. (Argentina) - Belen Stanicio, Sebastian Blesowski. (Mexico) - Gerardo Ayala, Juanma Urrutia.

Production Company: Primo
Director: Nico Perez Veiga
Hubs Director: Nixon Freire
Photography: Charly Ritter
Executive Director: Mayra Gama
Executive Producer: Caro Cordini e Nivio Alves de Souza
Producer: German Lentini e María Silva
Art Director: Magdalena Arrieta
Editor: Alejo Hoijman
Hubs Editor: Alejo Hoijman e Renam Lazari
Post Production: Pickle
Post Producer: Sebastian Lopez
Sound Production (Argentina): Papa Music e Porta estúdio
Sound Production (Brazil): Satelite Audio

It’s a joint action between agency teams in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico, produced by Primo and directed by Nico Pérez Veiga. The film will be shown in all Latin America.
This weekend, Ford will launch what will be its biggest advertising campaign for 2017, with the objective of launching Ecosport’s renewed model, defying people’s imagination.
With a provocative discourse and stunning aesthetics, the commercial, directed by Nico Pérez Veiga, was shot in Chile, in locations such as Santiago, Ascotán Salt Flat and Tunquén Beach. The spot shows scenes with a CEO, a couple of sweethearts, a group of friends and two women, all of whom are being challenged to transform their imagination into action in very different [places / locations]. The film ends with the question: "Your imagination already did everything. And you?” And the following tagline: “Transform your imagination into action.”
"We had a free positioning change. We ceased to link freedom exclusively to the outdoors, and we started to associate it with imagination, which can happen at any moment, regardless of time or place. And EcoSport is the vehicle that challenges the consumer to transform his/her imagination into action”, says Vico Benevides, Executive Creative Director at GTB Brazil.
According to Nico Pérez Veiga, “Being in charge of this film was a great challenge, because the campaign’s concept called for an extremely technical work, but a work that should be, at the same time, very intuitive and free. It really led us all to challenge our imagination”, declares the director.
The film will be shown on both over-the-air and cable networks, as well as in digital media. The other pieces that make up this campaign are printed material, mobil, outdoor and programmatic media, all of which “find” the consumer more willing to interact with the message. Athletes in parks, for instance, will be challenged to run marathons, and concert attendants will be encouraged to let their imagination fly and put together a band.
GTB has created messages that will take over social media with exclusive content, such as videos narrated in the first person, where the consumer’s imagination is already doing what he/she would like to do. The campaign will also rely on guerrilla marketing actions that will disseminate shadows in certain cities, symbolizing people’s imagination and inciting them to act.