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Smart Money Moves [all-in]

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Branche Banking und Finanzdienstleistungen, Kreditkarten
Medien Fernsehen und Film
Markt Vereinigte Staaten
Agentur Argonaut
Chief Creative Officer Hunter Hindman
Art Director Angie Mcdonald
Copywriter Austin White
Veröffentlicht August 2018

Kredite und Beschreibung

Client – NerdWallet
Interim VP Marketing – Pete Harrison
Head of Brand Marketing – Alison McGlone
NerdWallet Creative Director – Rob Nikzad
NerdWallet Head of Copy – Christina Cartal
Director of Performance Marketing - Steve Gough

Chief Creative Officer: Hunter Hindman
Art Director: Angie McDonald
Copywriter: Austin White
Executive Producer – Dan Watson
Head of Brand Management - Katie Miller
Group Brand Director – Becca Kallman
Chief Strategy Officer – Max Heilbron
Executive Strategy Director – Alan Stout
Executive Producer - Anton Laines
Director - James Niebuhr
Director of Photography - Richard Henkels
Assistant Director - Anton Laines
Line Producer - Ashely Porter-Gonzalez
Post Production - Beast Editorial
President - Jon Ettinger
Executive Producer - Tracy Coleman
Editor - Brian Lagerhausen
Assistant Editor - Seth Andrews
VFX / Graphics / Color - Allied
Executive Producer - Gordon T Whittmann
Visual Effects Supervisor - Evan Ryan
Colorist / Flame Artist - Dave Burghardt
Motion Designers - Joe Macken / Ben Kopman
CG Generalist - Michael Lester
Audio - One Union Recording Studios
Executive Producer - Vickie Sornsilp
Engineers: Joaby Deahl / Matt Wood
Media Agency – BlissPoint Media
Looking for the perfect mortgage, a lower interest rate, or a credit card with travel rewards? Why not “Turn to the Nerds”? As you may know, NerdWallet is a major player when it comes to credit card comparison shopping. In an effort to build a new brand platform around the company’s offerings beyond credit cards, NerdWallet is launching a new national ad campaign today. Created by San Francisco-based ad agency ARGONAUT, “Turn to the Nerds” is the brand’s first official push to highlight its expertise in savings accounts, mortgages, auto loans, investing, credit cards and more.

The TV spots will be supported by a social campaign with short social videos on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and more.

In today’s U.S. culture, people demand more transparency and options for every decision they make from comparing cars, to airline flights, to restaurants and hotels. But when it comes to personal finance, they usually take the first product recommended because consumers are not provided the information they need to make the best choice. With a mission to provide clarity for all of life’s financial decisions, NerdWallet is sharing unbiased content, tools and side-by-side reviews, to help consumers break through the clutter, confusion and fine print, enabling them to clearly see the pros & cons of financial decisions.

Any interest in covering? Happy to connect you with Hunter Hindman, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, ARGONAUT and/or Alison McGlone, Head of Brand Marketing at NerdWallet, should you have any questions or want more info. Below, please find team credits + quotes from both executives – attached is a photo you can use.

Alison McGlone, Head of Brand Marketing at NerdWallet: "In an era where consumers demand transparency and choice in almost everything they do, from finding the cheapest flights and hotels to buying a new car, their personal finances should be no exception. That was the inspiration for 'Turn to the Nerds.' We want consumers to know that no matter the personal finance decision -- getting the right credit card, refinancing their home, investing their bonus check -- NerdWallet is deeply committed to providing consumers an objective, trusted resource, where they can go to better understand their options, and make decisions with confidence."

Hunter Hindman, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, ARGONAUT: “It was a fun and exciting process to build this campaign for Nerd Wallet. The brand has so much personality built into its DNA that the ‘Turn to the Nerds’ campaign was this no-brainer idea we fell in love with pretty early in the process. Our biggest goal was to start to truly get the brand some credit for all of the smart, insightful work it does for people.”