Ontario Ministry Of Health And Long-term Care Fernsehen und Film FARTER QUITS BBDO Toronto


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Branche Öffentliche Sicherheit, Gesundheitswesen und Hygiene, Anti-smoking (en)
Medien Fernsehen und Film
Markt Kanada
Agentur BBDO Toronto
Art Director Deborah Prenger
Editor Brian Williams, Griff Henderson
Veröffentlicht März 2013

Kredite und Beschreibung

Category: Best Copywriting
Advertising campaign: FARTER QUITS
Cinematographer: Bobby Shore
Editor: Brian Williams (Posterboy Edit)
Art Director: Deborah Prenger (BBDO Toronto)
Production Co. Executive: Link York (Soft Citizen)
Editor: Griff Henderson (Posterboy Edit)
SVP, Executive Creative Director: Peter Iganzi (BBDO Toronto)
Production Co. Producer: Kelly King (Soft Citizen)
Writer: Nancy Crimi-Lamanna (BBDO Toronto)
SVP, Executive Creative Director: Carlos Moreno (BBDO Toronto)
Agency Producer: Dena Thompson (BBDO Toronto)
Account Director: Kerri Macaulay (BBDO Toronto)
VP, Associate Creative Director : Deborah Prenger (BBDO Toronto )
VP, Associate Creative Direction: Nancy Crimi-Lamanna (BBDO Toronto)
Account Director: Paul Forrest (BBDO Toronto)
VP, Group Account Director: Peter Hickey (BBDO Toronto)

Brief Explanation
The government of Ontario decided they could save tons of lives and health care money if they could get social smokers to quit before they got addicted.Makes sense as over 60% of social smokers eventually become smokers.Strangely, no anti-smoking campaign had ever tackled this key intervention moment. There was just one problem. How do you convince someone to stop doing something they won’t admit they’re even doing? After all, they weren’t smoking. They were 'social' smoking. Our campaign took away their social safe place by using humorous analogies to show how ridiculous using the word 'social' to justify smoking really was.