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We are all connected

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Branche Fragen der Ökologie und der Tierwelt
Medien Fernsehen und Film
Markt Ungarn
Produktionsagentur White Rabbit
Director Laszlo Ruska, David Ringeisen
Executive Creative Director István Bracsok, Levente Kovács
Producer Jozsef Fulop
Veröffentlicht März 2016


Clio Awards 2017
Film Technique Public Service: Animation Bronze

Kredite und Beschreibung

Agency: White Rabbit Budapest
Client: WWF
Curator: Gabor Rethi
Curator: Jeno Udvardi
Author: Rita Domonyi
Editor in Chief: Judit Czako
Production Manager: Krisztina Hollo Leleszi
Compositor: Zsolt Ormandlaky
Technical Director: Szabolcs Szabados
Brand Director (Client): Alexa Antal
Animator: Zoltan Szalay
Animator: Roland Peter Bodis
3d Artist: Miklos Erdei
3d Artist: Kamilla Kubisch
Director: Laszlo Ruska
Director: David Ringeisen
Executive Creative Director: Istvan Bracsok
Executive Creative Director: Levente Kovacs
Producer: Jozsef Fulop
Visual Effects: David Svantner
Special Effects: Csaba Kiss
Special Effects: Gabor Pulai
Music Composer: Attila Pacsay
Production Company: Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design
Production Company: Vertigo Digital Ltd
Brand Manager (Client): Zsofia Joo
Release Date: 20.03.2016
WWF is constantly looking for new, fresh ways of engaging people, educating them about the importance of conservation and a healthy ecosystem. We wanted to address the audience in a unique and outstanding way, that could grab their attention with a dramatically compelling, visually stunning world – that makes them aware of the idea of “connectedness” in the living world by stepping over their stimulus-threshold. Thus we prompt to raise their interest in the intentions of WWF.
The Origami paper predators and preys spring to life in this visually stunning short. An ordinary desk and typical office supplies are the backdrop for this micro-universe that carries the macromessage, introducing the real problems of our real world: air-pollution, deforestation, overfishing, climate-change – thus making these abstract, complex environmental issue more tangible for everyone.
The texture of paper (it can be torn, creased, stained) symbolizes the vulnerability and fragility of wildlife with a simple, easily understandable metaphor. The direction – with its focus on storytelling – maximizes this metaphor’s dramatic effect with the stylish animation, the well-timed visual and sound editing. Each and every element of the film has been designed to convey the complexity of our world; and to express the core message of WWF: “we are all connected”.
The 120 second-long commercial was broadcasted in 41 cinemas across Hungary - free of charge, before the screening of a documentary movie about the wildlife of a specific region of Hungary called “Kunsag” (titled: The wild “Kunsag”) It meant 784 individual screenings, during the campaign period of March 20 – December 31, 2016, so it reached 6000+ people in the movie theatres, and 20.000+ people online.