NTT DoCoMo Außenwerbung, Werbung durch Druckerzeugnisse, Fallmethode 3-Second Cooking Super Fried Dumpling Tokyu Agency

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3-Second Cooking Super Fried Dumpling

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Branche Telekommunikationsdienstleistungen
Medien Umgebung, Umgebung, Fallmethode
Markt Japan
Agentur Tokyu Agency
Director Yoshihiro Mori Aoi Pro
Art Director Daisuke Hasegawa Tokyu Agency Inc.
Copywriter Tetsushi Kawachi Tokyu Agency Inc.
Editor Kazuhide Adachi
Veröffentlicht Januar 2016

Kredite und Beschreibung

Brand: Lte Advanced (Premium 4g)
Advertiser: Ntt Docomo
Agency: Tokyu Agency Inc., Tokyo
Creative Director: Tetsushi Kawachi
Copywriter: Tetsushi Kawachi
Art Director: Daisuke Hasegawa
Agency Designer: Maori Sato
Account Executive: Shinichi Kumazawa/Tsubasa Matsumoto
Planner: Tetsushi Kawachi/Daisuke Hasegawa/Yoko Osoegawa/Maori Sato
Film Production Company: Aoi Pro. Inc., Tokyo
Director: Yoshihiro Mori
Cinematographer: Masami Funatsu
Gaffer: Masaaki Sakamoto
Film Producer: Hisaya Kato
Production Manager: Shuhei Terada
Editor: Kazuhide Adachi
Device Developer: Mitsuaki Kayanuma
Sound Designer: Shingo Suzuki
Sound Studio Producer: Shotaro Tsurumaru
English Context Explanation: After Our Previous Work Became A Smash Hit, Tv Stations Closely Covered This Work From The Production Stage. It Was Specially Featured On Multiple Networks, And Became A Talking Point Not Only In Japan But Around The World. Dumplings Are Originally A Chinese Dish, Beloved In Hong Kong As “Dim Sum”, So We Added The Essence Of Hong Kong Cinema As The Key Point Of The Commercial. The Chinese Chef Is Actually A Kung Fu Master Who Presses The “Launch” Button With A Back-Hand Strike. We Parodied The Theme Song Of The Famous Hong Kong Film Police Story For The Music That Plays During The High Speed Camera Sequence. The Lyrics In Cantonese Say “A Dash Of Salt And Pepper, Leek And Garlic As You Like It, Shoot Right Through The Dumpling Skin And Fly On As It Wraps Around The Stuffing, Flames Burn High, Nice Catch!”