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Branche Regierungen und andere Organe
Medien Werbung / PR, Fallmethode
Markt Brasilien
Agentur novaS/B Comunicação
Creative Director Ricardo Furriel, Zoca Moraes
Art Director Hermes W. Jurkowitsch
Veröffentlicht August 2011

Kredite und Beschreibung

Category: Charities, Public Health & Safety, Public Awareness Messages
Agency: NOVA S/B
Client: Marcus Vinicius Sinval (São Paulo City Hall)
Account Director: Thiago Furtado (Nova / SB Comunicação)
Creative Director: Ricardo Furriel (Nova / SB Comunicação)
Art Director: Hermes Jurkowitsch (Nova / SB Comunicação)
Redactor: Zoca Moraes (Nova / SB Comunicação)
Stage Director: Clovis Aidar (Conspiração Films)
Producer Of Films: Conspiração Films (Conspiração Films)
RTV: Andrea Consoleto (Nova / SB Comunicação)
Account Manager: Karina Menezes (Nova / SB Comunicação)
Account Manager: Regiane Costa (Nova / SB Comunicação)
Media placement: TV - Globo TV, Record TV, Bandeirantes TV, SBT TV - 04/09/2011
Media placement: Cable TV - Discovery, Universal, Warney, Sony, Sport TV - 08/09/2011
Media placement: RADIO - Jovem Pan, CBN, Antena FM, Band FM - 16/09/2011
Media placement: Rádio AM - Globo AM, Eldorado - 07/09/2011
Media placement: Newspaper - Folha De São Paulo - 06/09/2011
Media placement: Newspaper - PubliMetro - 09/09/2011
Media placement: Newspaper - Usa Today, Miami Herald - 12/09/2011
Media placement: Magazine - Riders - 05/09/2011
Media placement: Magazine - Veja São Paulo - 14/09/2011
Media placement: Indoor - Metro TV, Bus Station, Elevators, Shopping, TV Airport - 08/09/2011

Insights, Strategy & the Idea
To make this work, it was necessary to bring the crosswalk to life. This is how our protagonist was born: the Crosswalk Man came to life through TV commercials, radio spots, press media, online pieces, flyers, text messages and other socio-educational actions. All this has called the attention of drivers and pedestrians and made them realize the importance and the need to respect the crosswalk.

Creative Execution
Maximum Zone of Pedestrian Protection

This campaign, created for the local Government of the City of São Paulo, aimed at reducing the high number of traffic-related deaths by generating awareness of the rights and duties of both drivers and pedestrians.

For six months, we used a high-frequency media mix: broadcast TV, pay TV, newspapers, magazines, online and OOH.

To reach our target audience in a relevant, pertinent way, we ran commercials on soccer broadcasts (which are incredibly popular events in Brazil). In addition, we used out of home media (trains, subways, bus terminals, elevators, airports, malls, newsstands) to reach people right when they were about to cross the street.

Positive Results – a 61% reduction in traffic-related deaths in the protection zone (data obtained from PMSP).

Results and Effectiveness
Six months after the beginning of the campaign, general awareness clearly increased. The number of pedestrians killed after being hit by a car within the Zona Máxima de Proteção ao Pedestre (Maximum Area of Pedestrian Protection, which is the area where the campaign took place) was reduced by 61%, while the number of pedestrians run over saw a reduction of 29.5%.

To learn more about the campaign and all its actions, go to: