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Branche Laptops, Netbooks, Tablets (en)
Medien Werbung / PR, Fallmethode
Markt Vereinigte Staaten
Agentur TBWA\Media Arts Lab Los Angeles
Executive Creative Director Eric Grunbaum
Creative Director Jon Lancaric, Simon Cassels
Photographer Andy Bettles
Veröffentlicht März 2013

Kredite und Beschreibung

Advertiser: APPLE
Category: Best Use of Print
Photographer: Andy Bettles (Andy Bettles Photography)
Chief Creative Officer: Duncan Milner (TBWA\Media Arts Lab)
Production Company: (Bauerfeind Productions)
Art Producer: Jessica Gerweck (TBWA\Media Arts Lab)
Executive Creative Director: Eric Grunbaum (TBWA\Media Arts Lab)
Senior Art Director: Joe Fotheringham (TBWA\Media Arts Lab)
Creative Director: Jon Lancaric (TBWA\Media Arts Lab)
Planner: Kevin Dolan (TBWA\Media Arts Lab)
Senior Strategist: Leigh Anna Trelenberg (OMD)
Senior Strategist: Timothy Vega (OMD)
Creative Director: Simon Cassels (TBWA\Media Arts Lab)
Senior Strategist: Christine Lalonde (OMD)
Assistant Strategist: Grace Veale (OMD)
Planner: Ravi Khanna (TBWA\Media Arts Lab)
Print Producer: Anna Haro (TBWA\Media Arts Lab)
Planning Director: Besse Gardner (TBWA\Media Arts Lab)
Group Director Of Strategy: Daniel Block (OMD)
Chief Strategic Officer: Elena Hale (TBWA\Media Arts Lab)
Group Director Of International Strategy: Magdalen Kennedy (OMD)
Senior Art Director: Melinda Keough (TBWA\Media Arts Lab)
Senior Art Director: Paul Wysocan (TBWA\Media Arts Lab)
Art Producer: Sara Clark (TBWA\Media Arts Lab)

Back covers were the perfect introduction for iPad mini – as captivated readers held the ad, they found themselves actually holding a life-sized iPad mini. We identified magazines with passionate readers, made it culturally relevant and used the ad to show that you can read all your favorite magazines on your iPad mini. The experience on the mini is just as beautiful and wonderful as on your iPad. This was a media first, to be using the current front cover within any ad. The process for each insertion was unique – in some cases we began working with magazine partners months ahead of time and finished just minutes before the issue was actually printed. No two ads were the same - each required massive amounts of communication to secure licensing & ensure flawless execution. Each insertion was truly its own mini-campaign.

Globally we ran 124 insertions in 83 magazines and generated 261,502,821 impressions. Up to 86% of people who viewed the magazine were positively disposed to the iPad mini (indicated that the product/service was “my favorite brand", “one of several brands I like,” or “don’t use but it’s worth trying.”) This wasn’t just a success among readers, but it was also a success among the media community. Publishers across the world begged to be a part of the campaign once the ads debuted in the US. More than 20 partners even modified their entire iPad apps in order to make this campaign work. This print campaign was a contributing factor to a successful iPad mini launch.

What happens when you squeeze everything that makes an iPad into the body of a mini? How do you market something that is so much smaller yet just as capable? We had begun to notice that there was a connotation that ‘small’ came hand-in-hand with ‘compromise’ – a smaller iPad meant there was something you had to give up, whether it be power, content, or data. Turns out, there’s nothing ‘small’ about mini! It is just as powerful as the original iPad, with all the same apps, the same gestures, the same content. So our challenge wasn’t to celebrate size, our challenge was to celebrate that mini is 100% an iPad. We used high quality magazines to target passionate readers and subscribers, and showed them a new way to access the content they already love from an innovative brand that they already trust.