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Branche Wohlfahrtsorganisationen, Stiftungen, Volontaire
Medien Werbung / PR, Fallmethode
Markt Vereinigtes Königreich
Agentur BBVS
Art Director Darren O'beirne
Photographer Kiran Master
Agentur Tribal London
Executive Creative Director Guy Bradbury
Copywriter Neil Mcguirk
Veröffentlicht Juli 2011

Kredite und Beschreibung

Category: Best Use of Special Events and Stunt/Live Advertising
Agency: DDB UK
Media Agency: BBVS, London, UNITED KINGDOM
Executive Creative Director: Guy Bradbury (DDB)
Creative Directors: Chris Lapham/Aaron Mcgurk (DDB)
Art Director: Darren O’beirne (DDB)
Copywriter: Neil Mcguirk (DDB)
Agency Project Manager: Alex Coxhill/Brenda Petersen (DDB)
Agency Tv Producer: Sarah Browell (DDB)
Agency Board Account Director: Jon Goulding (DDB)
Agency Account Director: Tamsine Foggin (DDB)
Agency Account Manager: Angharad Thomas (DDB)
Planner: Elaine Miller (DDB)
Photographer: Kiran Master
Artbuyer: Julie Hughes (DDB)
Retouching: Stuart Calder (Gutenberg Networks)
Designers: Pete Mould/Andrew Harris/Oliver Watts (Gutenberg Networks)
Gutenberg Networks: Artworking (Gutenberg Networks)
Good Relations PR Agency: Phil Brady (Good Relations PR Agency)
Good Relations PR Agency: Adrian Chitty (Good Relations PR Agency)
Client Marketing Director: Rob Cope (Remember A Charity)
Client Account Director: Susanne Levy (Remember A Charity)
Media: Sandie O’Sullivan (BBVS)
Media placement: Events - • Premiere Prince Charles Cinema - 12 July 2011
Media placement: Events - • Battersea Power Station- Recreation Of The Stunt That Went Wrong - 02 August 2011
Media placement: Events - O2 Arena Guinness World Record Die Another Day Car Roll Stunt - 13 September 2011
Media placement: Press - Metro - 01 August 2011
Media placement: Press - London Herald - 01 August 2011
Media placement: Press - Evening Standard - 01 August 2011
Media placement: Social Media - Facebook (Paid For) - 13 July 2011

Insights, Strategy & the Idea
Many charities depend on legacy income to survive.
Remember A Charity work on behalf of 150 charities to raise awareness of the importance of charitable legacies. With only 7% of the nation leaving one there’s great opportunity to grow the market; just 4% would deliver an additional £1 billion.
The problem is wills aren’t something people talk about. They are riddled with social taboos around death, money and who gets what.
Research shows the more people are prompted to talk about legacies, the more likely they are to consider leaving one (Legacy Giving, TNS, 2008). This suggested that to reach our 60+ audience, we needed to encourage conversation around legacies.
We designed a provocative campaign to spark the public’s imagination and ‘normalise’ legacy- giving. On a shoe-string budget we couldn’t afford broadcast media, but we needed mass attention so we had to earn PR in the channels our audience enjoyed.

Creative Execution
Creating a bold, entertaining idea to generate PR was our ambition.
The creative insight was no-one understands the importance of a will/ legacy more than a stuntman.
Introducing Rocky Taylor – a veteran stuntman who nearly died on set 25 years ago. Rocky would recreate the stunt that almost killed him, with the motivating message; Remember A Charity in your Will. Before it’s too Late. The documentary captured Rocky’s career and the importance of legacies. The touching, humorous tone delivered the message sensitively. We invested in stunts and content to feed PR, and to ensure we hit our 60+ audience we also held radio interviews and ran press ads before each stunt.
To build on this we designed a final stunt where Rocky broke a Guinness World Record first set on one of his Bond films. People were encouraged to vote on the stunts’ severity and watch it live.

Results and Effectiveness
Measuring legacies is difficult as it only becomes apparent when the will’s read. The best indications are coverage, conversation and preparation.
• Earned £1.3m of broadcast PR (e.g Sky News), reaching over 83m people and another 2m through members’ online promotion.
• 39% uplift in those ‘likely to talk to friends/ family’ having seen the campaign vs those seeing the 2010 adverts.
• 20% were more likely to leave a legacy after seeing the Rocky advertising.
• Daily web-visits increased six-fold during the first stunt.
• 417% daily increase in ‘Finding a Charity’ on R.A.C’s site for stunt 2.