Slide Amazing In Motion CHI & Partners London für Lexus

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Slide Amazing In Motion

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Branche Autos
Medien Umgebung, Design und Branding
Markt Vereinigtes Königreich
Agentur CHI & Partners London
Executive Creative Director Jonathan Burley
Creative Director Monty Verdi
Produktionsagentur Smuggler
Director Henry Alex-Rubin
Producer Production Co Producer - Ray Leakey
Editor Spencer Ferszt
Veröffentlicht März 2016


Cannes Lions 2016
Cyber Web Campaign: Cars & Automotive Products & Services Gold Lion
Design Communication Design: Promotional Item Design Silver Lion
PR Sectors: Luxury Goods & Services Bronze Lion

Kredite und Beschreibung

Agency: Chi & Partners
Brand: Lexus International
Country: United Kingdom
Advertising Agency: Chi & Partners, London
Entrant Company: Chi & Partners, London
Media Agency: Chi & Partners, London
Pr Agency: Chi & Partners, London
Production Company: Smuggler, London
Additional Company: Smuggler, London
Design Agency: Smuggler, London
Account Director: Catherine Peacock (Chi&Partners)
Business Director: Jack Shute (Chi&Partners)
Creative Director: Monty Verdi (Chi&Partners)
Agency Producer: Nikki Cramphorn (Chi&Partners)
Producer: Ray Leakey (Smuggler)
Digital Creatives: Chad Warner & Ben De Costa (Chi&Partners)
Production Designer: Joel Collins (Smuggler)
Dop Lighting Cameraman: Ken Seng (Smuggler)
Agency Producer: Matt Cresswell (Chi&Partners)
Agency Producer: Nicola Ridley (Chi&Partners)
Global Brand Team: David Nordstrom (Lexus International)
Director: Henry Alex-Rubin (Smuggler)
Vfx Supervisors: Bill Mcnamara (Mpc)
Ceo: Nick Howarth (Chi&Partners)
Global Brand Team: Yolande Waldock (Lexus International)
Executive Producer: Fergus Brown & Chris Barrett (Smuggler)
Agency Producer: Karina Aloupi (Chi&Partners)
Agency Producer: Lindsay Hughes (Chi&Partners)
Executive Producer: Zoe Barlow (Chi&Partners)
Global Brand Team: Atsushi Takada (Lexus International)
Copywriter & Art Director: Brad Woolf & Dan Bailey (Chi&Partners)
Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Burley (Chi&Partners)
Editor: Spencer Ferszt (Marshall Street Editors)
To date the campaign has received over 40 million views, over 30,000 pieces of media coverage and an estimated PR value of $64m.
Campaign Description:
The agency designed and developed a fully-functioning Hoverboard. We then filmed it being put through its paces on a specially designed Hoverpark and released this film online
Lexus wanted to engage with a global influencer audience but didn’t have their attention and were outspent by the German luxury automotive brands. To connect with that audience, the agency needed to do something to out-smart the competition with next to no media budget. Every view, every comment and every share had to be organic and earned, not paid for.Our idea had to be something that would influence the influencers.
In designing the Hoverboard we were inspired by skate culture and Lexus design principles. The Hoverboard incorporates materials and design features that appear in every Lexus, including bamboo, carbon-fibre and the Lexus Spindle Grille shape. It hovers due to the ‘Meissner Effect’, which governs the relationship between magnetic fields and superconductors; these were built into the bottom of our Hoverboard.We collaborated with scientists and traditional skatepark designers to construct our own custom Hoverpark. Construction took a team of fifty crew over two months, with the scientists, Hoverboard rider and production company performing daily tests.The look of the finished Hoverpark was immediately recognizable from the world of skating whilst housing thousands of magnets, positioned and angled exactly to enable the board to perform as you see it in the film.
Lexus is a global luxury car brand, a challenger in the category against Audi, Mercedes and BMW. The Lexus brand is better known for its engineering credentials than for its imagination or creativity; our brief was to change this perception and get people talking about Lexus by demonstrating a side of the brand that hadn’t been seen before.