Skateboards Made By Bears, 1 White Rabbit für WWF

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Skateboards Made By Bears, 1

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Branche Wohlfahrtsorganisationen, Stiftungen, Volontaire, Fragen der Ökologie und der Tierwelt
Medien Umgebung, Design und Branding
Markt Ungarn
Agentur White Rabbit
Veröffentlicht April 2016

Kredite und Beschreibung

Campaign name: Skateboards Made by Bears
Registrant: White Rabbit Budapest
Brand name: WWF Hungary
Client account director manager: Alexa Antal
Film production:
Director: Miklos Mendrei, Emil Goodman
Art Director: Istvan Bracsok, Akos Lugossy, Marcell Szoke
Executive Creative Director: Istvan Bracsok, Levente Kovacs
Account Director / Manager: Levente Balint
Director of photography: Daniel Racz
Strategic planner strategist: Csilla Kovari
Copywriter: Levente Kovacs, Adam Farkas
Digital creative: Gergely Karacsonyi / DropBy
Post Production: Csaba Toth, Gyorgy Laklott
Production Company:
Music: Miklos Mendrei, Simon Koch
Creative idea explanation: WWF Hungary wanted to demonstrate to Hungarian young people that nature is cool" thus making them aware of the importance of conservation. To do so we focused on a small, influential community: skateboarders. To reach our audience we didn't buy any media, but created a brand new one instead – with the help of real bears. Raw decks were given to brown bears, the bears left their marks on the boards and "instinctively designed" them with their teeth and claws. Then we turned those decks into real skateboards, and a new brand was born, named: WWF "Designed by Nature" Skateboards."