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People.Not Symbols (Making of)

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Branche Rassenunterschiede (ethnische Unterschiede), nationale Minderheiten, Probleme der Behinderten
Medien Umgebung, im Off
Markt Israel
Agentur Leo Burnett Israel
Chief Creative Officer Ami Alush
Creative Meital Miller, Chen Federing, Mila Dayan
Veröffentlicht Dezember 2017

Kredite und Beschreibung

Media: Web Film
Category: Public interest
Client: International Day of Persons with Disabilities
Country: Israel
Air Date: 3 December 2017
Agency: Leo Burnett Israel
Chief Executive Officer: Adam Polachek
Chief Creative Officer: Ami Alush
Chief Strategy Officer: Shai Nissenboim
Chief Account Officer: Idit Zukerman
Creative Concept: Mila Dayan, Chen Federing, Meital Miller
Account Supervisor: Inna Tubin
Account Executive: Ilana Peisakhin
Producer Manager: Simi Ben Zikri, Menny Zarhia
Graphic Team: Viki Bergman, Shlomi Amir, Elad Ziv
Strategic Planner: Liz Stull
For December 3rd "International Day of Persons with Disabilities", Access Israel – the NPO whose mission it is to promote accessibility for people with disabilities in Israel, is replacing all disabled parking spot signs with the pictures of real people.
You've probably seen it happen a zillion times and you've maybe even done it yourself once or twice. By that I mean park in a spot for disabled people.
Yeah, we've all seen it happen before: a car blitzing into a parking spot reserved for the disabled only for its driver to step out seconds later on two perfectly functioning legs. Sure, if you ask the driver he'll probably have a whole battery of excuses to go with his blatant misbehavior and disrespect. Anything ranging from: "I'll only be a second", "I'm just picking up my wife" to "What's the rush? You're sitting in a wheelchair anyway!" and our personal favorite: "I DIDN’T SEE THE SIGN".
Well, it's got to stop. That's why 'Access Israel' decided for the December 3rd "International Day of Persons with Disabilities", to put a face on people with disabilities. The NPO decided to raise the public's awareness to the issue by replacing the disabled icon on thousands of disabled parking signs throughout the country with the picture of real disabled people. To do that, we photographed a total of 52 people including well-known disabled Knesset Members and Paralympic Medalists and uploaded their stories onto a dedicated website where people could read more about them and how they came to be disabled.
The project which was launched via a teaser campaign a few days ago, will go live on December 3rd with 12 agency teams spanning out over the country's cities and replacing signs overnight. In places where we ran our test trials, the very action of replacing the signs with people's faces sparked interest and debate. So this is bound to get interesting and create traction. Ah, and in case you're wondering we placed some hidden cameras to measure the number of infractions per hour – the results will leave you speechless.