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Your Jersey. Your Flag.

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Branche Energy Drinks (en)
Medien Fallmethode
Markt Ägypten
Agentur Fortune Promoseven Cairo
Associate Creative Director Ayman Anwar
Executive Creative Director Ahmed Hafez Youness
Creative Director Maged Nassar, Rami El Kerdani
Art Director Assem Ali
Copywriter Sabrina Ghoneimi
Senior Copywriter Rana Kahiry
Veröffentlicht Oktober 2016


Dubai Lynx 2017
Integrated - Silver
Media Use of Media: Use of Ambient Media: Small Scale Silver
Media Campaign: Use of Integrated Media Bronze
Branded Content & Entertainment Entertainment: Sports Entertainment Bronze

Kredite und Beschreibung

Alternative Title: Coke Acn
Media: Case Film
Client: Coca-Cola
Product: Coke Red
Agency: Fp7/Cai Cairo, Egypt
Entrant: Fp7/Cai Cairo, Egypt
Entrant: Um7 Cairo, Egypt
Product/Service: Coke Red
Idea Creation: Fp7/Cai Cairo, Egypt
Production: Fp7/Cai Cairo, Egypt
Ecd: Ahmed Hafez Youness (Fp7/Cai)
Cd: Maged Nassar (Fp7/Cai)
Cd/ Director: Maged Nassar (Fp7/Cai)
Cd: Rami El Kerdani (Fp7/Cai)
Senior Copywriter: Rana Kahiry (Fp7/Cai)
Senior Graphic Designer: Mohamed Abdel Hamid (Fp7/Cai)
Business Unit Head: Ahmed Fayez (Fp7/Cai)
Senior Graphic Designer: Mostafa Abdelmawla (Fp7/Cai)
Copywriter: Sabrina Ghoneimi (Fp7/Cai)
Senior Account Director: Sara Sherif (Fp7/Cai)
Account Supervisor: Ahmed El Shimy (Fp7/Cai)
Acd/ Head of design and branding: Ayman Anwar (Fp7/Cai)
Account Executive: Aslan Tarek/ Hend Ali (Fp7/Cai)
Senior Graphic Designer: Hicham Rahma (Fp7/Cai)
Graphic Designer: Ahmed Samir Samy (Fp7/Cai)
Account Executive: Hend Ali (Fp7/Cai)
Head Of Film Production Department: Heba Radwan (Fp7/Cai)
Graphic Designer: Mohamed Abd Albar (Fp7/Cai)
Producer: Inas Nagy/ Moayad El Shenawy (Fp7/Cai)
Producer: Moayad El Shenawy (Fp7/Cai)
Director: Maged Nassar (N/A)
Art Director: Assem Ali (N/A)
Dop: Ahmed Tahoun (N/A)
Executive Producer: Begad Omran (Big Foot)
Producer: Ahmed Azmi (Bigfoot)
Line Producer: Nada Faied (Bigfoot)
Colorist: Karim Mira (Lizard)
Editor: Amr Rabee (Lizard)
Music Composer: Wael Alaa (Byrdkill)
Sound Designer: Hosny Ali (The Garage)
Stylist: Nada Adel (N/A)
Vo: Islam Hossam (N/A)
Video URL:
The Campaign:
Rooted in this unspoken truth, our idea flourished when Coca-Cola decided to highlight a worrying observation. How were Egyptians wearing other countries’ jerseys and not their own? As silly as it seemed, as indicative as it was to so much more. Egyptians not wearing their national jerseys was a sign of apathy and disloyalty. We needed to wake Egyptians up. It was time to start wearing our jerseys again. Our message was simple, if you’re really Egyptian, you won’t wear another jersey, give us any other jersey you have, and we’ll replace it with an Egyptian one. Be it authentic or fake, any jersey could be replaced with Coca-Cola. The initiative would be a win win for all, as our consumers got their new jerseys and the collected old ones would be recycled into duvets for the homeless to use in rural areas in the Delta region.
Creative Execution:
Our campaign began with a docu-drama launched on social media that called for change. Highlighting our key insight and calling Egyptians out with the message, “If you’re really an Egyptian, you won’t wear another jersey!” Featuring key football stakeholders like renowned coaches, older star players from previous generations, popular commentators, our entire cast were authorities on Egyptian football. Coming together to request one simple jersey change.
Complimenting the online launch, our campaign moved aggressively on ground as we set up over 100 different redemption centers across the country whereby people could exchange their jerseys. Coke trucks circulated major cities also providing other opportunities for exchanging jerseys.
Our idea traveled in store as well, as we produced limited edition bottles with tearable sleeves.
The campaign successfully distributed over 100,000 Coca-Cola Egypt jerseys and in result produced 1,000 duvets for the homeless this winter. Online, the campaign reached 40 million users and was shared by over 20 different online publications for free. Influencers, celebrities and opinion leaders all over the country shared the campaign and participated by using our hashtag to show off their own new Coke jerseys that they had exchanged in support of the initiative. Prime time TV shows featured our campaign and interviewed Coke’s Brand Manager live to help promote the initiative, achieving over $50,000 in earned media.
Despite the fact that Coca-Cola was NOT the sponsor of the African Cup and was NOT endorsing any star players, it somehow managed to hijack the event by being everywhere Egyptian fans were. On the streets and in stores with special edition bottles, redemption centers and circling trucks all over the country pushing for engagement. The call to action and dialogue took place online where Egyptians were able to share the initiative with friends and followers, making it a trending topic. TV and Outdoors sealed the deal making the campaign a nation wide movement in support of its national team.
With competition being the main sponsor of the event and most of its star players, Coca-Cola needed to work on what it owned, The Egyptian Fan.
For Coca Cola, the brand that supported the Egyptian football fan for the last decade, this state of apathy was a crisis! Coke felt it had a responsibility towards its consumers. And with all brands across the country communicating the event, we decided to stray away from the field, from the game and get closer to the emotion and the stifled pride in Egyptians. Our campaign wasn’t about football, it was about being proudly Egyptian.