PAX it! [image] Grabarz & Partner Hamburg für IKEA

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PAX it! [image]

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Branche Haus-Mobiliar, Warenhäuser
Medien Digital, Fallmethode
Markt Deutschland
Agentur Grabarz & Partner Hamburg
Creative Group Head Diana Sukopp
Chief Creative Officer Ralf Heuel
Creative Director Stefan Geschke, Thomas Fritze
Art Director Christian El Asmar, Thomas Fritze
Copywriter Stefan Geschke, Sonja Sonner
Veröffentlicht März 2017


Cannes Lions 2017
Cyber Online Ad: Native Advertising Bronze Lion

Kredite und Beschreibung

Category: House, Garden
Media: Digital
Brand: IKEA
Agency: Grabarz & Partner
Geo: Germany
Advertising Agency: Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Ralf Heuel
Group Creative Director: Diana Sukopp
Creative Directors: Thomas Fritze, Stefan Geschke
Art Directors: Thomas Fritze, Christian El Asmar
Copywriters: Stefan Geschke, Sonja Sonner
Account Managers: Dominique Bremer, Anna Bollien
Additional Company: Ikea Germany, Hofheim-Wallau
Chief Creative Officer/Partner: Ralf Heuel (Grabarz & Partner)
Creative Group Head: Diana Sukopp (Grabarz & Partner)
Creative Director: Thomas Fritze (Grabarz & Partner)
Creative Director: Stefan Geschke (Grabarz & Partner)
Account Executive: Dominique Bremer (Grabarz & Partner)
Account Executive: Anna Bollien (Grabarz & Partner)
Copywriter: Sonja Sonner (Grabarz & Partner)
Marketing Manager De: Heiko Klauer (Ikea Deutschland Gmbh & Co. Kg)
External Communication Manager: Tobias Vogler (Ikea Deutschland Gmbh & Co. Kg)
Projektleiterin Marketing: Eva Katharina Rücker (Projektleiterin Marketing)
Art Director: Christian El Asmar (Grabarz & Partner)
Published: March 2017
Description: PAX it! The most clicked ad space in the world, that actually isn’t one. We simply replaced an online store shopping cart icon with a flexible PAX wardrobe icon that grows automatically while you shop.
We targeted a fashion-centric group. They naturally buy more clothes than the average consumer but don’t much enjoy parting with their favourite pieces. The predictable result is a lack of storage space in their wardrobe. This problem is worsened by their love of online shopping. Both of these facts make them the perfect target for a digital idea, surprising them during their online shopping routine with a wardrobe that can be modularly expanded.
Campaign Description:
We chose, one of Germany’s biggest online streetwear shops, to turn a tiny, purely functional space which is clicked a million times per hour by our target customers into a powerful ad: we simply replaced the shopping cart icon with a PAX wardrobe. This new icon grows with every item placed in the cart, effectively demonstrating the products central feature. By thusly implementing our ad into the native environment of the site, we created a seamlessly integrated stumbling block, that every user of site was bound to get caught on.
A small idea with a big effect: Our ad was so successful, that additional online shops are about to follow. And we have found a whole new way to reach our target audience.
We chose, one of Germany’s biggest online streetwear shops, to turn a purely functional space into an innovative product demonstration placed into the native environment of e-commerce. We simply replaced’s shopping cart icon with the PAX wardrobe. After all, an online shopping cart is just as infinite as the PAX system. So with each item placed in the wardrobe, the icon grew automatically, demonstrating that PAX is the perfect solution for any shopping trip. At checkout a personalized banner immediately commented on the individual number of shopped items and linked directly to IKEA’s website with an online PAX planner.
IKEA’s PAX wardrobe system can be expanded endlessly with additional modules. We needed to find a simple way of marketing this unique selling point to a target audience of fashion lovers. And since most clothes shopping is done online, it made perfect sense to create an innovative idea. PAX it! is seamlessly integrated into the host site and turned a purely functional space into an innovative product demonstration and activated our target group already in a shopping mood to consider PAX as a wardrobe solution.