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Innovating Saving [image]

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Branche Online-Handel
Medien Digital, Fallmethode
Markt Vereinigte Staaten
Agentur R/GA New York
Creative Director Chris Joakim, Mike Donaghey
Veröffentlicht Oktober 2016


Cannes Lions 2017
Media Campaign: Use of Integrated Media Grand Prix

Kredite und Beschreibung

Title: Innovating Saving
Agency: R/Ga
Brand: Jet.Com
Country: USA
Entrant Company: R/Ga, New York
Advertising Agency: R/Ga, New York
Production Company: Prettybird, Culver City / Biscuit Filmworks, New York / 1stavemachine, Brooklyn / Mackcut, New York / Nomad Editing Co., New York
Additional Company: Sound Lounge, New York / Beacon Street Studios, Los Angeles
Client: Liza Landsman, Sumaiya Balbale, Christina Antonopolous (
Group Executive Creative Directors: Eric Jannon, Chris Northam (R/Ga)
Creative Directors: Mike Donaghey, Chris Joakim (R/Ga)
Business Directors: Shawn Zupp, Michael Stoopack (R/Ga)
Account Director: Elizabeth Bourke (R/Ga)
Executive Account Producer: Lisa Greenleaf (R/Ga)
Strategy: Dennis Claus, Karin Santiago (R/Ga)
Executive Production Director: Kat Friis (R/Ga)
Content Production: Monique Veillette, Diego De La Maza, Danielle Sessler, David Fisher, Lauren Powzyk (R/Ga)
Business Affairs Managers: Stephen Bernstein, Magdalena Wiater (R/Ga)
Editing: Ana Esterov (R/Ga)
Direction And Production: Tim&Eric, Ali Brown, Bridgitte Pugh (Prettybird)
Direction And Production: Gary Freedman, Holy Vega, Mala Vasan (Biscuit)
Direction And Production: Alexander Engel, Lisanne Mcdonald, Patra Ahmann (1st Ave Machine)
Director Of Photography: Andrew Wheeler, Sam Wootton, Simon Chaudoir (Independent)
Editor: Gavin Cutler (Mackcut)
Editing: Tom Muldoon (Nomad Nyc)
Vfx Supervisor: Sean Costello, Melanie Wickham (The Mill)
Sound Design/Mix: Glen Landrum, Kate Albers, Peter Holcomb (Sound Lounge)
Sound Design And Music: Mike Franklin, John Nau, Andrew Feltenstein (Beacon Street Studios)
In one year we helped to build Jet from an ecommerce start-up to a brand that’s worth $3.3 billion dollars.Overall, awareness for more than doubled nationally from 18% to 40% YOY and purchases increased by 300%.In 2016, customers rose to over 7 million monthly active users.
Strategy: primarily targets millennials, with a lean towards moms. Their secondary target is college students.Research shows that our millennial target is always looking for new ways to save money when buying things for their home and is open to finding new ways to shop – especially in ways that are different than what their parents did. We knew that our transparent approach to saving and communicating those savings would resonate well with this audience.
Campaign Description:
We created a brand campaign that demonstrated Jet’s unique approach to innovating saving by finding innovative ways to save on our advertising efforts at every consumer touch point. And of course, we found humorously transparent ways to communicate those savings to our audience.
The Innovating Saving campaign was built around’s mission to find every possible way for their customers to save money. This mission extends from their back end costs to the way their advertising & media costs. Using Jet’s innovative approach to saving and transparent brand personality, we found humorous (but effective) ways to save at every consumer touch point - from radio commercials, Super Bowl ads and even friendships.
Synopsis: is a new e-retailer in the United States. Their mission is to relentlessly find innovative ways to save money, and pass those savings on to their customers. They believe in being transparent with their customers about how other (larger) retailers are over charging them for every little thing, from superfluous delivery fees, to warehousing inefficiencies to advertising costs.
We started by getting in on Super Bowl excitement, without paying for a Super Bowl ad. It was the most super, “bowl commercial” ever. Literally... Because it was a super, “bowl commercial” our keywords and tagging were more relevant to the search term “Super Bowl Commercial” than any other commercial in the Super Bowl. Which gave us millions of views on Super Bowl weekend, without paying millions of dollars. On radio, we saved by creating a campaign without any voice actors – just the Google Translate voice.For Christmas, we created The Careculator. A social media tool that tells you how much to spend on friends and family, based on how much they care about you on Facebook. And, showed you how much more you can buy on Jet, by spending less on the people you love.