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See Whats Next

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Branche Software und Multimedia, Human Rights
Medien Digital, Fallmethode
Markt Vereinigte Staaten
Agentur McCann New York
Chief Creative Officer Sean Bryan
Agentur m:united
Art Director Kelly Kim, Julie Koong
Copywriter David Cappolino
Produktionsagentur Tool Of North America
Director Jenny Leahy
Veröffentlicht Oktober 2016


Cannes Lions 2017
Glass Lion Glass: The Lion for Change: Glass Lions Bronze Lion

Kredite und Beschreibung

Title: See Whats Next
Agency: Mccann New York
Brand: Microsoft
Country: USA
Entrant Company: Mccann New York
Advertising Agency: Mccann New York
Production Company (additional): Cosmo Street Editorial
Production Company (additional): Beacon Street Studios
Production Company (additional): Tool Of North America
Production Company (additional): Framestore Vfx
Co-Chief Creative Officer: Sean Bryan (Mccann New York)
Art Director: Kelly Kim (M:united//Mccann)
Producer: Rebecca Magner (Craft New York)
Managing Director: Kevin Nelson (M:united//Mccann)
Evp, Executive Account Director: Tina Galley (M:united//Mccann)
Svp, Group Account Director: Rosemary Calderone (M:united//Mccann)
Account Director: Courtney Leblanc (M:united//Mccann)
Global Strategy Director: Michelle Kiely (M:united//Mccann)
Sr Project Manager: Vinny Tran (M:united//Mccann)
Executive Music Producer: Eric Johnson (Mccann New York)
Cvp, Global Advertising & Media: Kathleen Hall (Microsoft)
Gm, Global Advertising: Deana Singleton (Microsoft)
Director, Social: Jenny Leahy (Microsoft)
Manager, Global Advertising: Ashley Anderson (Microsoft)
Copywriter: David Cappolino (M:united//Mccann)
Art Director: Julie Koong (M:united//Mccann)
Director Of Creative Technology: David Cliff (M:united//Mccann)
Group Account Director: Sarah Keiber (M:united//Mccann)
Account Executive: Ellie Choi (M:united//Mccann)
Interactive Producer: Charlotte Popper (M:united//Mccann)
Svp, Director Of Project Management: Stella Warkman (M:united//Mccann)
Manager, Microsoft: Vivian Lee (Microsoft)
Evp, Executive Creative Director: Susan Young (M:united//Mccann)
Evp, Executive Creative Director: Daniela Vojta (M:united//Mccann)
Copywriter, Social: Elina Rudkovskaya (M:united//Mccann)
Art Director, Social: William Montgomery (M:united//Mccann)
Creative Technologist: Alicia Foor (M:united//Mccann)
Executive Producer: Carolyn Johnson (M:united//Mccann)
Account Executive: Samantha Schmidt (M:united//Mccann)
Strategy Director: Justin Ballheim (M:united//Mccann)
Senior Designer: Ha Ha (M:united//Mccann)
Brief with projected outcomes:
With an estimated 2.4 million unfilled STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) jobs by 2018, there simply aren’t enough qualified candidates—which could stall advances in everything from cancer research to emojis. And since only 6.7% of women graduate with STEM degrees, closing the gender gap is critical to closing this global STEM talent gap. We literally need women to change the world.
For the third year in a row, Microsoft launched a fully integrated campaign March 7th.To reach a larger audience than any previous year, Microsoft employed a focused contextual broadcast program as well a robust and targeted social and digital program. They launched a :60 for broadcast, 5 videos and 3 motion graphics utilizing a variety of units on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.In addition to videos, Microsoft partnered with LinkedIn to create a one-of-a-kind Career Explorer tool. This tool was used across all of the store events where girls were also met with incredible STEM influencers.Microsoft is also enlisting to girls to create make a first-of-its-kind bot that will provide a complete path toward a career in STEM.The content was so well received in the US that these elements were picked up globally in 94 markets.
We needed to inject a sense of urgency and scale to Microsoft’s "see what's next" campaign, encouraging more girls to enter the STEM workforce. The challenge: a broader audience of girls don’t think STEM is for them. So we needed to connect STEM and the one thing all young girls have in common—a passion to change the world for the better.[3]The best way to reach girls is to involve their biggest influencers: parents and teachers who will guide them on their journeys. Our work aimed to show girls how they could not only change the odds by leveraging STEM to pursue their true passions: they could change the world.
"see what's next" is a social responsibility campaign to address gender inequality in STEM fields to strengthen our brand reputation and act in service of our mission: to empower every person on the planet to achieve more. Our brief: Show more girls how STEM is relevant to them, so they can change the world. Our objectives: Increase Microsoft brand love—but more importantly, we wanted to give girls tools to discover how STEM could help them do what they really want to do.
The campaign generated an impressive response from the call-to-action and continues to deepen relationships with girls and their influencers.It’s been picked up in 94 markets around the world, generated 474 million impressions and 73 million video views. Microsoft brand love was up 19% among campaign recognizers within a week. Most importantly, the Career Explorer has had 14,680 total visits with 35,231 passion combinations created. Microsoft’s "see what's next" in-store events attracted hundreds of girls, connecting them with hands-on STEM learning and role models. Links to Microsoft STEM initiatives and partner programs have been clicked on hundreds of times, giving girls access to more STEM skills to change the world.Through girls’ insight and input into the bot, it’s becoming an invaluable tool to motivate the next generation to turn their passions into STEM-fueled action