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Parceria sem Limites I Making Of Carro Paraquedista

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Branche Andere Waren und Dienstleistungen für Autos
Medien im Off
Markt Brasilien
Agentur Wunderman Sao Paulo
Creative Director Fernando Tomeu
Art Director Danillo Ferrari, Romerio Castro
Veröffentlicht September 2017

Kredite und Beschreibung

Media: Behind The Scenes
Client: Shell Lubricants
Product: Shell Helix
Agency: Wunderman
Title: Skydiving Car
Creative Vice-President: Paulo Sanna
General Creative Director: Adriano Abdalla
Creative Director: Fernando Tomeu
Art Directors: Danillo Ferrari and Romerio Castro
Copywriting: José Ricardo Novoa
Client Services: Patrícia Gerard, Luiz Rogé, Marilia Sáfadi and Paula Aguiar
Planning: Reinaldo Quinto and Paula Gardinalli
Media: Daniela Caporali, Bruno Antunes and Naiara Gardinalli
Traffic: Henrique Sitta
RTVC: Mônica Andrade and Mariana Gazal
Video: Landia
Director: Lua Voigt
Photography Direction: Pepe Mendes
Completion: Outra Post
Color Correction Marla Colour Grading
Executive Producer: Carol Dantas and Sebastian Hall
Client Services: Mariana Fiordelice
Sound Production Company: Antfood
Producers: Lou Schmidt, Vinicius Nunes and Pedro Botsaris
Client Services: Christiane Rachel, Lou Schmidt, Renato Castro and Wilson Brown
Post production: Antfood Team
Signature Voiceover: Renato Castro
Client Approval: Leila Prati and Raquel Sampaio
Published: September 2017
Shell Helix Drops a Car by Parachute in Unprecedented Action in Brazil
The brand invited skydiver Arthur Zanella to jump with his car, celebrating the bond between man and machine.
The Shell Helix brand, Shell's line of engine oils and lubricants for cars, continues the “Unlimited Partnership” campaign, which takes consumers' bond with their cars to the extreme, and launches the "Skydiving Car" video. Shell Helix invited Arthur Zanella, who is known for skydiving at the Portela Samba School parade in Rio de Janeiro and base jumping from Aparecida do Norte Basilica in São Paulo, to face a new challenge: skydiving with his car. The video, which shows an unprecedented action in Brazil, aired on Shell's digital platform and will feature spinoffs like behind-the-scenes videos, images and social network pieces.
The campaign was created by Wunderman as an innovative way to emphasize the benefits of Shell Helix lubricants, which are designed to enhance engine performance to the maximum. “The action takes the bond Brazilians have with their cars to the extreme. We want to engage consumers using adrenaline-packed stories that deliver a unique experience and help them identify with the brand," explained Leila Prati, Business Development Director at Shell.
The “Skydiving Car” video shows the action in detail, from the car being lifted by a helicopter to the skydiver coming back to Earth with his greatest adventure companion: his car. The skydiving stunt involving the athlete and his car took around three months to set up.
According to Fernando Tomeu, Creative Director at Wunderman, the "Unlimited Partnership” campaign had an ingredient in its strategy that is essential for digital media success: interesting and real stories that people have time for and want to watch. “In a few seconds, our audience understood what Shell Helix wanted to communicate and then watched the video to the end to see what was going to happen," added Tomeu. The video was created by Danillo Ferrari, José Ricardo Novoa and Romerio Castro. Fernando Tomeu, Adriano Abdalla and Paulo Sanna were the creative directors. Additionally, production company Landia produced the video and Lua Voigt directed the scenes.