Snickers Digital, Direkt, Fallmethode Switcheroo [video] BBDO New York

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Switcheroo [video]

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Branche Schokoriegel
Medien Digital, Direkt, Fallmethode
Markt Vereinigte Staaten
Agentur BBDO New York
Director Lawrence Chen
Executive Creative Director Peter Kain, Gianfranco Arena, Tom Markham
Editor Keith Vogelsong
Produktionsagentur The Kitchen
Veröffentlicht Februar 2016


Cannes Lions Entertainment 2016
Entertainment Branded Content & Visual Storytelling: Live Broadcast/Live Streaming Bronze Lion

Kredite und Beschreibung

Agency: Bbdo
Brand: Mars Chocolate North America
Country: USA
Entrant Company: Bbdo, New York
Advertising Agency: Bbdo, New York
Media Agency: Bbdo, New York
Pr Agency: Bbdo, New York
Production Company: The Kitchen @ Bbdo, New York
Additional Company: The Kitchen @ Bbdo, New York
Group Executive Producer: Amy Wertheimer (Bbdo New York)
Line Producer: Jonathan Hsu (Hsubox Productions)
Account Team: Jocelyn Choi (Bbdo New York)
Account Team: Joshua Steinman (Bbdo New York)
Creative Director/Art Director: Danny Adrain (Bbdo New York)
Planners: Annemarie Norris (Bbdo New York)
Editor: Keith Vogelsong (The Kitchen @ Bbdo New York)
Account Team: Susannah Keller (Bbdo New York)
Chief Creative Officer: Greg Hahn (Bbdo New York)
Assistant Director: Koji Yahagi (Bbdo New York)
Social Influence Manager: Andrew Osborne (Bbdo New York)
Executive Creative Director: Gianfranco Arena (Bbdo New York)
Group Project Lead: Michael Gentile (Bbdo New York)
Executive Producer: Renee Haar (The Kitchen @ Bbdo New York)
Senior Art Director: Sei Rey Ho (Bbdo New York)
Planners: Alaina Crystal (Bbdo New York)
Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars (Bbdo Worldwide)
Director: Lawrence Chen (Bbdo New York)
Social Influence Manager: Lucy Bennett (Bbdo New York)
Account Team: Tani Corbacho (Bbdo New York)
Executive Creative Director: Tom Markham (Bbdo New York)
Director Of Integrated Production: David Rolfe (Bbdo New York)
Account Team: Kirsten Flanik (Bbdo New York)
Executive Creative Director: Peter Kain (Bbdo New York)
Associate Creative Director/Copywriter: Roberto Danino (Bbdo New York)
Planners: Sean Stogner (Bbdo New York)
-Over 130,000 viewers pranked live on Twitch.-Over 4.2 million earned impressions.-On YouTube, a fan-made video recap of the live stunt has 365,000 views and counting.-All for 0 media dollars.
The live stunt played out for over an hour, and it happened simultaneously on a Saturday afternoon, the peak time for Twitch viewers.
Twitch is a site where gamers broadcast themselves playing video games while millions of fans watch them. In 2015, the site announced it had more than 1.5 million broadcasters and 100 million visitors per month. Twitch pulls in 43% of all live video streaming, making it the perfect place for Snickers to find their target audience, Millennials 18 to 30 years old.
Campaign Description:
Snickers decided to prank 130,000 viewers live on Twitch, the Internet’s biggest gaming platform, as an extension of our successful global campaign, You’re Not You When You’re Hungry. During a live stream, three of the top gamers got hungry. The hungrier they got, the less they behaved like themselves until they transformed into different people. The prank played out for over an hour, during which fans freaked out all over the Internet. Then the gamers ate a Snickers bar and went back to normal.
Gamers are the perfect demographic for Snickers. But gamers also happen to be very savvy at avoiding ads. To get their attention, the brand wanted to do something a little more unexpected.