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The Better Way To Get Around

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Branche Auto- und Technikverleih, Mobile applications
Medien Digital, Fallmethode
Markt Vereinigte Arabische Emirate
Agentur Misfits Content Creators Dubai
Chief Creative Officer Misfits
Produktionsagentur Montage TV Productions
Veröffentlicht Oktober 2016


Cannes Lions 2017
Media Channels: Use of Stunts Bronze Lion

Kredite und Beschreibung

Title: The Better Way To Get Around
Agency: Misfits
Brand: Careem
Country: United Arab Emirates
Entrant Company: Misfits, Dubai
Advertising Agency: Misfits, Dubai
Production Company: Montage Productions, Dubai / Misfits, Dubai
Chief Creative Officers: Misfits (Misfits)
Careem being the digital age pioneers that they are helped us come up with a plan to try and make social media our brand launch pad to give us the exposure and reach across the region that we needed for the tiny budget we had. The only way to reach the millions of people in the 11 countries was through social media. It's the one thing that connects the world every second of everyday. Our target audience was so diverse it ranged in ages and ethnicity, religions and race and from people to organisations, so the only way to talk to all of these at the same time in the same place was of course social media. By making our video go viral on all of the social media platforms our message was delivered around the world and our objective of getting the Careem brand out there was certainly met.
This work is relevant for Media Lion because we had to think differently; as the normal media channels to reach 11 countries were way out of budget. We devised a stunt to fully utilise the power of social media platforms to get free worldwide media and exposure for our brand launch. By manipulating our campaign to the public in a clever way we made it go viral and in result; the world launched our brand in over 150 countries for the tiny media budget of $2800.
Campaign Description:
The creative idea was to show Careem as the better way to get around the city opposed to all other transport methods. We did this by creating and testing a new transport method called the 'Human Slingshot'. Unfortunately the test didn't go to plan and the man catapulted past the safety net, so it really did highlight the fact that Careem is the better way to get around.
It reached over 150 countries worldwide and is still being shared today. Facebook has over 100 million views from multiple sources - this number is still growing, and is impossible to equate properly. Twitter 162M Impressions delivered in 90 days Twitter First View delivered 48M impressions in 3 days with an amazing 3.31M Video Views Cost per Install decreased by 10% while increasing reach by 25% QoQ 90k mentions of the Emoji #Careem YouTube views on the Careem page alone are 4,950,996 but because it has been uploaded from multiple sources the total figure is much more. Instagram we don't know the total figure because it was shared from multiple sources. Google 'careem human slingshot' and you'll see aprrox 2870 results across 18 pages, nearly all for Careem.Snoop Dogg shared our video on his Instagram page, 9 months after the campaign hit it is still being shared around the world. Getting an additional 918,887 views / 4,427 comments & 82.6k likes
We leaked the unbranded teaser to 3 key influencers via whatsapp. They immediately uploaded the video to their social media sites not knowing it was an ad.Within a few hours it was picked up by every major news site and blog across the region. Then it started being shared around the world on sites like 9Gag, Unilad, Men's Humour, Herb and even the famous band LMFAO shared it. One facebook user has 15.5 million views on his page of the video. Then it really went crazy, the Dubai government were getting contacted so much by press and people from around the world that the cyber crimes division called and made us reveal the ad and tell the world it was a stunt. By this stage the teaser had been seen in over 150 countries worldwide so we just owned up to the video and revealed our branded version.
Careem is a Dubai based car booking app that is operating in 49 cities across Middle East, North Africa and South Asia (MENASA) region. They needed to launch their brand with a campaign that portrayed their personality (risk takers/innovators/digital age pioneers) and it needed to be seen across the MENASA region. The problem was that as a young start up company they didn't have the budget for a big ATL campaign so we decided to do everything through social media. To be seen in all of these countries we had to cleverly think of a way for our launch campaign to go viral.