First Person Lover [video] Garbergs Annonsbyra für Bjorn Borg

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First Person Lover [video]

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Branche Videospiele/Steuerpulte, Lingerie (en)
Medien Digital, Fallmethode
Markt Schweden
Agentur Garbergs Annonsbyra
Art Director Lotta Marlind
Copywriter Sedir Ajeenah
Digital Creative Mattias Alfborger
Produktionsagentur ISBIT
Veröffentlicht Mai 2015


Cresta Awards 2016
Integrated Campaigns (Integrated Campaigns) - Integrated Campaigns Gold
Branded Entertainment (Branded Entertainment) - Branded Entertainment Bronze

Kredite und Beschreibung

Client: Björn Borg
Product: Sports Apparel
Entrant: Garbergs Stockholm, Sweden
Title: First Person Lover
Product/Service: Sports Apparel
Entrant Company: Garbergs Stockholm, Sweden
Advertising Agency: Garbergs Stockholm, Sweden
Media Agency: Starcom Mediavest Group Stockholm, Sweden
Production Company: Isbit Stockholm, Sweden
Account Director: Anna Frick (Garbergs)
Production Manager: Ida Tenggren (Garbergs)
Art Director: Lotta Mårlind (Garbergs)
Copywriter: Sedir Ajeenah (Garbergs)
Interactive Art Director: William Löthman (Garbergs)
Co-creative: Hampus Mattsson (Garbergs)
Digital Co-creative: Michael Ring (Garbergs)
Digital Creative: Mattias Alfborger (Garbergs)
Agency Assistant: Robin Lidbom (Garbergs)
Global Marketing Director: Lina Söderkvist (Björn Borg)
Marketing Director: Jonas Lundberg Nyvang (Björn Borg)
Account Manager: David Zetterlund (Starcom)
Print/Ooh Planner: Catherine Zimbas (Starcom)
Digital Planner: Sandra Pettersson (Starcom)
Performance Planner: Sofia Brattberg (Starcom)
Brief Explanation
To follow Bjorn Borg's mission to 'take an active stand for more love in the world', we decided to parody the first person shooter-genre. We integrated PR elements that we hoped the gaming community would pick up on. If we got people talking about the game, influencers would pick up on it and pass it on to their fans - adding credibility. As the game was at the heart of the launch, it inspired the communication outside the game such as the fashion show to outdoor billboards. The game also introduced a new platform for e-commerce; in-game shopping.
Results and Effectiveness
Several medias have reported, including Spiegel Online, The Washington Post, Fast Company and CBS News - leading to an estimated PR worth of €9,5 million. The success generated over 300 articles and blogs with a high affinity in the target group and it has been shared 15.000 times in social media. The total reach was 44 million that in effect generated a 20% increase in consideration in the target group. The business impact of the in-game shopping feature resulted in a 40% increase in sales on the its webshop (YoY).
Creative Execution
Six months prior to launch, we show cased the new collection at Stockholm Fashion week. Thanks to the cutting-edge game-inspired show; we gained free media coverage on national TV. We used two trailers for the game, one prior to the game and one on launch day, both seeded on social media channels and as YouTube pre-rolls. As we developed the game, we included elements that gamers would pick up, hoping to the reach a specific influential gamer that would try out the game - adding a layer of credibility. Post launch, an OOH billboard campaign was rolled out.
Insights, Strategy and the Idea
Lately, young men’s media habits have fragmented, and they are over-represented in using media that they actively opt in for. The challenge for us was to create communication that would reach our target using media channels that they already was using and not drive them to our media channels. We would have to adapt and conform to their world, in a credible way. Based on the insight that the majority of our target audience are gamers, we decided that we would launch our new collection through an actual game. Hoping to attract the gaming community, and therefore, the right audience.