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Abused Emojis [image]

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Branche Wohlfahrtsorganisationen, Stiftungen, Volontaire
Medien Digital, Fallmethode
Markt Schweden
Agentur Garbergs Annonsbyra
Art Director Sebastian Smedberg, Erik Dagnell
Copywriter Per Forssberg
Veröffentlicht Juni 2015


Eurobest Awards, 2015
Mobile Messaging for Mobile Silver Eurobest
PR Pr: Product & Service: Charities, Public Health, Safety & Awareness Messages Bronze Eurobest
Media Product & Service: Charities, Public Health, Safety & Awareness Messages Bronze Eurobest

Kredite und Beschreibung

Client: Bris
Product: Non Profit Organization
Entrant: Garbergs Stockholm, Sweden
Title: Abused Emojis
Product/Service: Non Profit Organization
Entrant Company: Garbergs Stockholm, Sweden
Advertising Agency: Garbergs Stockholm, Sweden
Interactive Art Director: William Löthman (Garbergs)
Interactive Art Director: Mattias Alfborger (Garbergs)
Art Director: Sebastian Smedberg (Garbergs)
Art Director: Erik Dagnell (Garbergs)
Account Manager: Malin Boustedt (Garbergs)
Copywriter: Per Forssberg (Garbergs)
Account Director: Andreas Engstrand (Garbergs)
Graphic Designer: Beatrice Sztanska (Garbergs)
Motion Director: Robin Lidbom (Garbergs)
Brief Explanation
Bris is a Swedish NGO running a national helpline for kids. Everybody in Sweden knows Bris, but too few use it. A big problem is that when kids experience bad stuff, they shut up about it. We wanted to say – in a way that young people could intuitively understand – that regardless of the issues it’s always a good thing to tell someone. Emoji have quickly become almost as important as letters when kids communicate. The standard emoji range from happy to discontent. The “Abused Emojis” complemented the usual set with symbols for kids being bullied, beaten or having dark thoughts.
Results and Effectiveness
On a National scale we reached more than 85 % of the Swedish population with ean ven higher penetration in the target group.
Bris’ Instagram account multiplied its number of followers by 70 times.
Most importantly we saw an increase in the number of new contacts to Bris by 56 % after the campaign.
Creative Execution
We based the media plan on two assumptions: that if we could get the right journalists at the right websites to start reporting about the campaign the attention would spread by itself. And that if we could get the right Instagram accounts to promote the app, all young people in Sweden would eventually hear about it. So we mapped which influential tech sites had written about similar projects, most notably the new racially diverse iOS emoji. And we set up a collaboration with “GoSnap” a network of influential Instagram profiles, ensuring a total of over one million followers.
Insights, Strategy and the Idea
The general perception of Bris is that it’s a great organization helping kids, but that it’s a bit old fashioned. Back in the days it was a phonecall-only service, but today kids can contact Bris on a chat, email, in forums or by switching from phonecalls to messaging. We wanted to show young people that Bris can speak on their terms. An emoji app sends the right signal: regardless of the issue, it’s always good to tell someone. Bris listens. Promoting the app with an Instagram campaign we reached the target audience.