The Most Powerful Arm,1 [video] REACTIVE Melbourne für Save Our Sons & Duchenne Foundation

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The Most Powerful Arm,1 [video]

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Branche Öffentliche Mitteilungen (soziale Werbung), Wohlfahrtsorganisationen, Stiftungen, Volontaire
Medien Digital, Fallmethode
Markt Australien
Agentur REACTIVE Melbourne
Produktionsagentur Finch
Executive Creative Director Steve Coll
Creative Director Tim Buesing
Art Director Gabriel Tamborini, Nicole Hetherington, Reactive
Copywriter Simon Fowler
Producer Jo Finch, Sophie Thiellon
Veröffentlicht Februar 2013


The New York Festival, 2014
Digital Politics & Government Third Prize Award

Kredite und Beschreibung

Media: TV, Print, Online, OOH, Radio
Agency: Finch, Havas Worldwide Australia, Reactive
Client: Save Our Sons
Facebook for Good
Features: Apps, Pages, Facebook Platform
Brand: Duchenne Foundation
Company: Finch, Paddington, Havas Worldwide Australia, Sydney, Reactive, Sydney
Target: Australia · Asia Pacific
Director of Applied Technology: Emad Tahtouh, Finch
Producer: Sophie Thiellon, Finch
Executive Producer: Rob Galluzzo, Finch
Developer: Josh Wales, Finch
Developer: Jack Wong, Finch
Executive Creative Director: Steve Coll, Havas Worldwide Australia
Art Director: Nicole Hetherington, Havas Worldwide Australia
Copywriter: Simon Fowler, Havas Worldwide Australia
Account Director: Marissa Davies, Havas Worldwide Australia
Creative Director: Tim Buesing, Reactive
Senior Project Manager: Heidi Clague, Reactive
Art Director: Gabriel Tamborini, Reactive
Senior Developer: Sudeep Shakya, Reactive
Front End Developer: Luke Anderson, Reactive
Search Account Director: Ophenia Liang, Reactive
Associate Director: Rachel White, Red Agency
Account Manager: Jennifer McDermott, Red Agency
Language: English (UK)
Entry URL: http://www.themostpowerfularm....
Objectives: Awareness, Online Traffic, Offline Traffic, Direct Response, Petition Signatures
Tags: Other, Asia Pacific, English (UK), Apps, Pages, Facebook Platform, Awareness, TV, Print, Online, OOH, Email, Radio, Online Traffic, Offline Traffic, Direct Response  
We wanted to raise awareness for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD): a debilitating disease occurring only in young males that results in the loss of motor function in the arms and legs by the age of 13 and death by the age of 25. The Australian government currently has no policy on research into DMD to find a cure. Using social media, the aim of the campaign was to create an innovation that was the physical manifestation of a person's online action.
We built The Most Powerful Arm Ever Invented, a robot arm that would sign signatures via Facebook onto a government-directed petition. The robotic arm signed the signatures in the handwriting of Jacob Lancaster, a 19-year-old Australian male suffering from DMD, who can no longer write.
People were directed to, where they click a button to sign the petition, leaving their Facebook details in the petition database. The arm receives and converts this data in milliseconds, telling the paper roller to feed the paper and sign the person's name. Via a livestream, people can see their name being signed, while a camera photographs their signature. Their signature is then published to their Facebook timeline so they can share it with their friends, creating a domino effect and triggering others to sign as well.
Facebook served as a filtering system, ensuring that people only signed once, and allowed us to verify information on user profiles. This information was used to validate the petition before submitting it to The Australian House of Representatives. The arm also toured as a public installation, allowing people to sign using their mobile phones.
The Most Powerful Arm is a completely automated system: there is no human intervention except for changing the paper and pen every 10,000 signatures. This workflow is facilitated by several applications developed in C#, Java and C++, in addition to tools found in the Canon, Facebook, Arduino, GRBL, RabbitMQ and U-Stream SDKs.
Campaign Performance
The Most Powerful Arm launched on March 25, 2013 and continued until May 31. The campaign was extended three times due to popular demand. Taking a person's digital action and giving them something tangible in return made the campaign more visible, and triggered more people to sign. Having the arm sign in the handwriting of DMD sufferer Jacob Lancaster also personally involved him in every signature, making the experience more meaningful.
The petition resulted in over 3
000 signatures, generating over 6.5 million Facebook impressions. With a 48% conversion rate, people clocked an average dwell time of 2.5 minutes. 83% of people who viewed the app went on to authenticate it, letting it access their Basic Info, including their email address, and 73% let the app post to their timeline.
The arm was posted on over 300 blogs, covered on primetime Australian television, featured in almost every newspaper, and was named the FWA’s site of the day. With no money for seeding, over $7.9 million of earned media was generated. And over $24,000 of unprompted donations were made to Save Our Sons because of the campaign.
As the most successful health-related petition ever in Australia, it became the first Facebook petition to be tabled by the Senate. Off the back of the campaign, pharmaceutical company The Summit has now begun clinical trials into the disease.
All of this has given much-needed hope to boys suffering from DMD.
Facebook for Good Winner
Facebook for Good is a special designation given to work made for charitable causes or non-profit organizations.