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Green Light Run

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Branche Sportschuhe, Veranstaltungen
Medien Digital, Fallmethode
Markt Japan
Agentur TBWA\Hakuhodo Tokyo
Chief Creative Officer Kazoo Sato
Creative Director Takuya Ozaki
Art Director Yoshihiro Kono
Copywriter Chino Yamaguchi, Norihito Takahashi
Produktionsagentur Tohokushinsha Film Corporation
Veröffentlicht Dezember 2016


Spikes Asia 2017
Digital Craft Curation Of Data Silver Spike
Outdoor Live Advertising & Events Silver Spike
Promo & Activation Guerrilla Marketing & Stunts Bronze Spike

Kredite und Beschreibung

Title: Green Light Run
Agency: Tbwa\Hakuhodo
Brand: Adidas
Country: Japan
Entrant Company: Tbwa\Hakuhodo, Tokyo
Advertising Agency: Tbwa\Hakuhodo, Tokyo
Media Agency: Tbwa\Hakuhodo, Tokyo
Pr Agency: Tbwa\Hakuhodo, Tokyo
Production Company: Tohokushinsha Film Corporation, Tokyo
Creative Director: Takuya Ozaki (Tbwa\Hakuhodo)
Copywriter/Planner: Norihito Takahashi (Tbwa\Hakuhodo)
Art Director: Yoshihiro Kono (Tbwa\Hakuhodo)
Strategic Planning Director: Takuro Amada (Tbwa\Hakuhodo)
Senior Account Director: Atsushi Matsuo (Tbwa\Hakuhodo)
Account Director: Masao Sudo (Tbwa\Hakuhodo)
Production Producer: Takashi Aso (Tohokushinsha Film Corporation)
Director: Keisuke Hakomori (Voyager)
Production Producer: Kenji Shigematsu (Tohokushinsha Film Corporation)
Production Producer: Yoshikatsu Higuchi (Tohokushinsha Film Corporation)
Activation Planner: Ryota Haraguchi (Tbwa\Hakuhodo)
Event Producer: Hiroshi Miyamoto (Tbwa\Hakuhodo)
Account Supervisor: Kei Takahashi (Tbwa\Hakuhodo)
Production Manager: Takuya Sugimoto (Tohokushinsha Film Corporation)
Production Manager: Riichi Kin (Tohokushinsha Film Corporation)
Chief Creative Officer: Kazoo Sato (Tbwa\Hakuhodo)
Copywriter/Planner: Chino Yamaguchi (Tbwa\Hakuhodo)
Account Supervisor: Shinsuke Yoshida (Tbwa\Hakuhodo)
Account Executive: Yusuke Yasuda (Tbwa\Hakuhodo)
Cameraman: Yusuke Suga (Freelance)
With cooperation of The Tokyo metropolitan police department, the city’s 15,772 traffic lights’s algorithms were analyzed for the cycles and duration of red and green signals. Using mapping data provided by NAVITIME, a navigation app maker, a full distance marathon course of 42.195km was designed in the center of Tokyo. A voice guidance system led the city runners with routing and pacing, navigating them on a non-stop run.
We realized a way to deliver the optimal routing for the whole 42.195 kilometers to city runners, without having to stop for a red light even once. This was made possible by analyzing the signal data of the 15,772 traffic signals in Tokyo along with accurate geographic and distance measurements.
A major national marathon called the “Tokyo Marathon” does exist, however only limited numbers can participate in this full marathon. This signal analysis system developed is a revolutionary technology that allows the bustling streets of central Tokyo to be marathon-ready at any time. It forever changed the perception of many runners toward city running. REACHES: 53,637,032Facebook LIKE: 151%
Media Strategy:
A “world first” marathon utilizing traffic signal cycle data analysis was held. The runners took their mark at midnight in Marunouchi, for a full-length marathon race leading them to the goal at adidas Harajuku Brand Core Store. They followed real-time navigation based on traffic signal cycles and ever-changing traffic conditions, and they were able to run the entire 42.195km from start to finish without stopping once for a red light. Response was immense, and its buzz instantly went global.
Campaign Description:
GREEN LIGHT RUN is an urban marathon race, where the runner doesn’t have to stop for any red light. Using traffic data provided by the local police department, and taking traffic signal patterns, distance, timing and safety all into account, adidas Japan brought a one-of-a-kind, urban race through the busy streets of Tokyo to life.
Every city has its urban runners. Each runner has a different purpose, but they all have one enemy in common; traffic lights. London has 6,252 signals, NYC 1
460 and Tokyo has a staggering 15,772. Signals are absolutely necessary in traffic control and saving lives. However, they make completing an uninterrupted urban run near impossible, throwing runners off pace, and hindering record time performance. Dedicated to supporting all runners, adidas Japan took a stand to resolve this issue and to make city running dreams come true.