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The Magic Wallpaper, 3

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Branche Warenhäuser, Mobile applications
Medien Digital, Design und Branding, Fallmethode
Markt Frankreich
Agentur TBWA Paris
Executive Creative Director Benjamin Marchal, Faustin Claverie
Art Director Jérémy Armand, Fabien Gille, Paul Reyrolle, Romain Belleville
Copywriter Glen Troadec, Duval Fabien
Produktionsagentur ELSE Paris
Veröffentlicht Dezember 2016


Cannes Lions 2017
Design Digital & Interactive Design: UX Interface & User Journey Silver Lion
Digital Craft Form: Image; Sound; Aesthetic: Interface & Navigation (UI) Silver Lion

Kredite und Beschreibung

Title: The Magic Wallpaper
Agency: Tbwa\Paris, Dan Paris
Brand: Castorama
Country: France
Entrant Company: Tbwa\Paris, Paris
Advertising Agency: Tbwa\Paris, Paris / Dan Paris, Boulogne-Billancourt
Executive Creative Director: Benjamin Marchal (Tbwa\Paris)
Executive Creative Director: Faustin Claverie (Tbwa\Paris)
Copywriter: Fabien Duval (Tbwa\Paris)
Copywriter: Glen Troadec (Tbwa\Paris)
Art Director: Fabien Gille (Tbwa\Paris)
Art Director: Paul Reyrolle (Tbwa\Paris)
Art Director: Jérémy Armand (Tbwa\Paris)
Art Director: Romain Belleville (Tbwa\Paris)
President: Philippe Simonet (Dan Paris)
Chief Digital Officer: Anthony Hamelle (Dan Paris)
Creative Technologist: Guilhem Vacher (Dan Paris)
Digital Art Director: Nicolas Barres (Dan Paris)
Digital Copywriter: Charline Dantigny (Dan Paris)
Lead Motion: Christophe Courty (Dan Paris)
Lead Ux: Yann Lupion (Dan Paris)
App Developer: Kamal Zitouni (Dan Paris)
C.E.O: Maxime Boiron (Tbwa\Else)
Producer: Cathy Pericone (Tbwa\Else)
Sound Director: Fabrice Pouvreau (Tbwa\Else)
Vice President: Anne Vincent (Tbwa\Paris)
Account Director: Marc Fraissinet (Tbwa\Paris)
Account Manager: François-Xavier Parison (Tbwa\Paris)
Directors: Hungry Beards (Tbwa\Paris)
Digital Project Manager: Julie Laroussinie (Dan Paris)
Junior Digital Project Manager: Juliette Gonzales (Dan Paris)
Campaign Description:
Castorama is the brand who knows us and who accompanies us in all the moments of our life. And moments spent with your family are rare. That’s why they’re so precious.Bedtime is the only time of day when parents and children are really spend time together. We have turn this precious moment into a magical moment.We invent a new discovery medium, an accessible, fun and innovative way to tell stories to children: THE MAGIC WALLPAPER, the first wallpaper that gives access to innumerable adventures.
Castorama proves its innovation by using traditional decoration support to make it a real customers’ service. It is a new way for the company to show its understanding of real expectations and to provide them with an original and creative answer. The initial aim of this operation was to give a positive image of the brand on social networks: Castorama, convinced of the reality and success of THE MAGIC WALLPAPER, made it a real product referenced in store with more than 18 000 units for sale (traditional children's wallpaper is normally made at 8 000 units). All of the company's departments were involved in the project, from the marketing department, the project initiator, to the manufacturing teams, to the product teams.A project that mobilises the employees around it.THE MAGIC WALLPAPER this is is 9,7 million impressions on the web. It is more than 2.5 million euros of media reach.
"Casto c’est castoche" : signature that all the French quote spontaneously. This shows the attachment they have for the brand and the place that it has in their hearts. Because Castorama is not just a DIY brand but a source of inspiration for improving everyone's daily life, the brand has complete legitimacy to offer innovative products. That is why Castorama offers THE MAGIC WALLPAPER, which is aimed at children from the age of 3 and parents who want to make them discover the world differently and develop their imagination. Castorama targets nearly 13 millions potential targets in France. Initially planned as a communication with a limited production, THE MAGIC WALLPAPER is produced in industrial quantities. The brand communicated on its product in PR, media and with a bold digital plan enabling potential customers to discover online the experience of THE MAGIC WALLPAPER online before coming to buy it in store.
On a traditional wallpaper, designs with several small characters were printed. Designed by five different illustrators to suit all tastes of child and parent. These patterns are digital markers. Simply take a picture of them using THE MAGIC WALLPAPER application by Castorama and instantly, you can discover the story, read it to your child or make him/her listen to it.Like the story of the Rainbow Robot. Or that of the princess who did not like dresses.You can also scan several characters and discover other stories. What happens when the jogger rhinoceros meets the sailor cat?There are as many stories as there are unique characters and possible combinations of characters : dozens of stories to discover and many moments to be shared between parents and children.That's THE MAGIC WALLPAPER!
Castorama is the historic brand of DIY, decoration and home furnishings in France. This lead market sees some competitors taking an increasingly prominent place, bringing the brand down a step on the podium of the 3 strongest players.Also, Castorama wishes to regain its leading position and emerge by capitalizing on three major objectives:• Generate positive buzz around the brand• Equip the brand with a strong innovation dimension• Re-energize in-store traffic.With a budget of € 100K, Castorama wants to offer its customers a new service that allows them to make all the moments of their life better. This is also the opportunity also for the brand to mobilize employees around a motivating and unifying project.