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Mullenlowe Group Rebrand [video]

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Branche Advertising agencies (en), Ausstattungen und Dienstleistungen für Business
Medien Außenwerbung, Plakatwände, Plakate, Transport, Werbung / PR, Design und Branding
Markt Vereinigte Staaten
Agentur Mullen Boston
Veröffentlicht März 2016


Cannes Lions 2016
Design Comprehensive Branding Programs: Rebrand / Refresh of an existing brand: Consumer / Corporate Bronze Lion

Kredite und Beschreibung

Title: Mullenlowe Group Rebrand
Agency: Mullenlowe
Brand: Mullenlowe Group
Country: USA
Advertising Agency: Mullenlowe, Boston
Entrant Company: Mullenlowe, Boston
Media Agency: Mullenlowe, Boston
Pr Agency: Mullenlowe, Boston
Production Company: Mullenlowe, Boston
Additional Company: Mullenlowe, Boston
Design Agency: Mullenlowe, Boston
N/A: Mullenlowe Group (Mullenlowe Group)
The strategy was to fashion a design philosophy for a different kind ofmerger. Our target audience was just the sort of people we want toattract — amazing talent and clients who are looking for a high-touch, high-concept, hyperbundled offering.
In May 2015, Mullen, a U.S. agency 650 minds and 3 offices strong, merged with Lowe, a global leader with over 90 offices worldwide. We needed to truly join forces, and a complete rebrand seemed to be the perfect opportunity to create a new vision for the future of MullenLowe Group. What happens when a merger is not just a new name on a ledger sheet but instead the formation of the world’s largest start-up? That was the brief we gave ourselves. How do we craft a new identity for a different kind of beast?
The elements were many and varied. They included an ID that could beadapted to each sub-brand of the agency (MullenLowe, MullenLowe Open,MullenLowe Profero and MullenLowe Mediahub.) A cultural icon, theboxing octopus, that was to be used in all forms of internal communication.Design pieces that would adorn the walls of all 96 offices. A mascot thatcould evolve and be customized according to the culture of a particularoffice. We might be publically held, but we’re also very much independently minded. That needed to be conveyed.
The octopus motif is clearly taking on a life of its own. Creatives from all over the world are adding to it in a way that makes this merger bigger and better. And that’s really the intent. This is not just a new ID; this is a symbol of a new type of collaboration. A different kind of beast.
Campaign Description:
We designed a new brand ID that could be adopted by 96 offices around the world and personalized for over 6,400 people. We built something that was essentially a starting point; a symbol for a new beginning that represented one shared mind and multiple capabilities. We produced a spirit animal that exemplified our beliefs and marked the dawn of what might be described as a global boutique. The octopus can reach in any direction, and quickly. It can multitask without thinking. But an octopus wasn’t enough. We punch above our weight in everything we do, so, naturally, we put boxing gloves on it. MullenLowe was a different kind of beast from the start, and there was no question that the new logo and mascot needed to embody that spirit.