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IKEA Chocolate - Besta

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Branche Haus-Mobiliar, Warenhäuser
Medien Druckwerk, Zeitschriften und Zeitungen
Markt Schweden
Agentur Acne Stockholm
Executive Creative Director Johan​ ​Bello
Art Director Mirian Tsujita, Isaac Bonnier
Senior Art Director Tiago Pinho
Copywriter Joel Lindblad
Photographer Anders Kylberg
Agentur Ikea Creative Hub
Creative Director Morten Kjaer
Veröffentlicht August 2018

Kredite und Beschreibung

Media: Press
Category: Home appliances & furnishings
Client: Ikea Creative Hub
Agency: Acne
Production: Acne
Country: Sweden
Executive Creative Director: Johan Bello
Art Director: Isaac Bonnier
Art Director: Mirian Tsujita
Copywriter: Joel Lindblad
Senior Art Director: Tiago Pinho
Photographer: Anders Kylberg
Project Manager: Lovisa Friman Bendz
Creative Director, IKEA Creative Hub: Morten Kjaer
Assignment Leader, IKEA Creative Hub: Louice Alvarsson
Content Leader, Marketing Communication: Jovana Basrak Keric
Happy chocolate day
There are movies to romanticise it. Songs to commemorate it. And a day to celebrate it. Everyone loves chocolate. Even if they don’t enjoy eating it, there’s a good chance they like the color. Luckily for them, IKEA offers both – furniture in lovely chocolate tones and classic chocolate bars.
So when the the official Chocolate Day took place, IKEA saw a great opportunity to promote it’s delicious range of chocolate toned furnitures and highlight the fact that IKEA has everything chocolate, ranging from the kind that you eat, to the color that decorates your home.
The work features a dark toned drawer, a cushion and other furniture (and delicious chocolate of course) wrapped in chocolate paper highlighting the beauty and simplicity of IKEA’s design.